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    Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira and his brother Oseney da Costa de Oliveira were arrested. Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira were believed to be found dead in the Amazon in Brazil.

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    Donovan Thomas Jr. was murdered in Atlanta in 2015. He was named in the Young Thug indictment, which led to the rapper's arrest today.

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    Trevor Reed is the U.S. Marine veteran who was released from prison in Russia today, April 27, 2022, in a prisoner swap. Reed had been arrested on charges of illegally assaulting a police officer, but the U.S. government considered him to be a hostage and his parents launched a campaign pleading for his release.

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    Terry Kennedy is a professional skateboarder who police allege severely beat a man, Josiah Kassahun, who later died. Kennedy was arrested and may face homicide charges.

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    Rhoni Reuter was was pregnant with the child of Shaun Gayle at the time of her death. Marni Yang was convicted of murder. Reuter died with her unborn baby.

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    Gabriela Rose Shepherd is a California pastor's wife who police allege shot her husband to death. Police that Shepherd, 26, shot her husband, Noah David Shepherd, at their home in San Diego.