‘American Idol’ Live Results: Top 20 of Season 22

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Heavy/ABC "American Idol" revealed its season 22 top 20 on April 14, 2024

The beginning of massive cuts to season 22’s Top 24 on “American Idol” has kicked off with a three-hour episode on April 14, 2024. Live results will be continually updated below.

With nearly 30 million votes counted after the previous week’s performances in Hawaii, the two dozen hopefuls will be cut by four, with each singer who makes the Top 20 performing again.  According to ABC, tonight’s voting will open around 11 p.m. Eastern time and close at 9 a.m. Eastern time on April 15.

During the live show on April 15, host Ryan Seacrest will reveal which 10 contestants have been voted through to the next round, and then judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie will choose the remaining four who will make up the Top 14.

Spoiler Alert: The remainder of this article reveals the live results of the Top 20 vote and will be updated throughout the night.

‘American Idol’ Live Results: First Hour

After introducing the judges, Seacrest announced the first person to advance to the Top 20 was Jack Blocker, who squeaked through the audition process thanks to the “Idol” crew convincing Richie to change his vote and let him through. Blocker took to the stage with his guitar to play “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” by Jim Croce.

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: Richie apologized again for not immediately voting him through at his audition and said Blocker has proved him wrong. Perry told him that she respects that he has stayed authentic and true to himself, like “true artists do,” and Bryan said his look and feel are “dialed in.”

Next, Seacrest announced that Alabama country artist Mia Matthews had also made it into the Top 20. Because she performs in a trio with her mom and sister, Matthews said she’s needed her time on “Idol” to figure out who she wants to be as a solo artist. She performed “Wildflowers and Wild Horses” by Lainey Wilson on the guitar.

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: Perry said, “Not to sound corny, but I think you’ve found your roar,” explaining that she’s performing with “a lot less fear.” Bryan said that as Matthews gets even more comfortable, he’d love to see her let loose even more. Richie said it was “wonderful to watch” her confidence grow and that he was “really proud” of her.

British-born Mackenzie Sol looked shocked when Seacrest announced he’d made it through to the Top 20. Though he’s gained a social media following for the pranks he conducts on his mom, Sol said he wants to be known instead for being a singer. The 23-year-old started out at the piano, playing “I’ll Never Love Again” by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper (from “A Star Is Born”), and stood for the second half of his performance.

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: This was the first performance that the judges didn’t give a standing ovation for. Bryan said Sol is “still growing in this thing” and that his kind-hearted personality makes him “a guy I want to cheer for.” Richie said he can feel Sol’s passion and that he “did a great job.” Perry said she wanted “a little bit more annunciation” and to keep having fun with it, in the same way he’s had fun pulling pranks.

Next up, Seacrest called Roman Collins’ name and “Idol” played a video of his dad, Dr. Hosea Collins, at their church talking about how Collins went into a diabetic coma as a newborn, predicted to be braindead if he came out of it. But after waking up and recovering, his dad preached, he defeated the odds and thrived as a gospel singer. Collins, 24, passionately sang “Never Would Have Made It” by Marvin Gaye, with Richie standing up and clapping throughout and Perry wiping tears.

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: “Let the congregation say amen,” Richie exclaimed to begin the judges’ feedback, adding that he’s never seen a performance like Collins’ on the show and that “God has a plan for you.” Perry then joked, “Alright, Roman, I guess I believe again!” She got choked up saying that the miracle of his recovery was likely inspiring someone else to believe a miracle is possible in their life, too. Bryan, meanwhile, said Collins’ performance was “literally just spiritually beautiful” and “one of the most powerful things I’ve ever seen on this show.”

Mortician Kennedy Reid was stunned when she was named a Top 20 contestant, and shared that she received tons of hate for her appearance online after she first appeared on the show, explaining that she wears wigs because “I had a bleach fail at home.” Reid said she refused to “let those people win” and was taking her power back with her song choice, “Love Can Build a Bridge” by the Judds. Reid appeared on the April 14 with her natural hair slicked back, choosing to not wear a wig for the first time on “Idol.”

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: All three judges gave Reid a brief standing ovation and Perry told her how proud she is of her, calling it “your metamorphosis moment.” Bryan said that they’ve all had to face harsh critiques as public figures, and that she received a tough dose of it — but overcame it. Richie agreed, telling her not to listen to “the idiots” and simply come out each time proving she deserves to be there. When Seacrest asked Reid what she’s gained from the show so far, she said, “I’ve learned how to love myself,” receiving a huge round of applause from the audience.

Before continuing to reveal who else made it to the Top 20, Seacrest introduced Teddy Swims, who performed his hit song “I Lose Control.” Seacrest asked him about contestant Ajii’s recent performance of the same song on the show, and Swims said he loved it, adding that it’s amazing to have others cover his songs after years of covering other hitmakers’ tunes.

Seacrest took that opportunity to tell 27-year-old Ajii that he, too, had made the Top 20. The Brooklyn, New York, native talked in a prerecorded video about his dad, who emigrated to the U.S. from Pakistan in pursuit of the American Dream. Saying he’s hoping to make his dad proud, Ajii sang Audioslave’s “Like a Stone.”

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: After a brief standing ovation and as the crowd yelled Ajii’s name, Bryan said “there was a lot of energy in that performance” but cautioned him not to get “too yelly.” Richie told him he is “Mr. Feelgood,” getting the audience smiling and clapping. Perry said she loves his song choices and that he’s been pushing his vocals.

After a break, Seacrest revealed that 17-year-old Mississippian Jennifer Jeffries had made the Top 20. She shared that she often writes in her journal, and already loves looking back on what she’s written about her experience on “Idol” and memories of hoping she could become a nationally-known singer. Already making a name for herself with her gravelly voice, Jeffries sang “Grave Digger” by Matt Maeson while playing the acoustic guitar.

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: The judges did not stand up for Jeffries, and Richie said he wished he could give her a huge “bucket of confidence,” urging her to embrace her style and talent. Perry said she could tell Jeffries was in her head during her performance, encouraging her to go back to a “stripped down” version of her singing. Bryan agreed, urging her to have confidence in her gift. Jeffries said she wished she’d done better, but added, “I’m learning!”

‘American Idol’ Live Results: Second Hour

Singer-songwriter Emmy Russell learned she was the next contestant to earn her place in the Top 20. The granddaughter of country icon Loretta Lynn, Russell said she’s been writing songs since she was nine and that she loves how “American Idol” allows contestants to perform their original songs. She did just that, performing her song “Want You,” accompanied by a pianist on stage. Seacrest came out onstage with tears in his eyes, saying that the song made him emotional. When Bryan walked up onstage to give him a hug, Seacrest surprised him by jumping into his arms!

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: Perry said it was one of her favorite songs written by Russell, but encouraged her to get past her nerves and really show off her singing skills. Bryan said it was very emotional and one of his favorite performances by her. Richie asserted that it was “a hit song” and that she is an “incredible songwriter.”

Back from another commercial break, Seacrest revealed that 15-year-old country artist Triston Harper, who has overcome a lot of hardship in his young life, including sleeping on the street with his mom when he was 12. In fact, a GoFundMe has been set up for their family to ensure they can afford expenses associated with competing. Harper chose to sing an original song called “H-O-P-E,” which he said stands for “Hold On Pain Ends.”

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: Bryan asked, “How do you get that much talent in a 15-year-old?” He said he truly believes Harper will be singing for the rest of his life and that it will change his and his mom’s life. Richie said that he has all the tools to be a big star, and Perry said that as he’s changing others’ lives, it’s amazing to see that he’s changing his life, too.

Before heading to a break, Seacrest teased that two of three contestants — Odell Bunton Jr, KBlocks, and Elleigh Francom — would be heading home, and one would be performing next. Returning from the break, he revealed that Bunton Jr. advanced to the Top 20, which meant that KBlocks and Francom are heading home.

As KBlocks excitedly hugged Bunton Jr., “Idol” played a video of him with his five kids at the park and at home, talking about how proud they are of him. The airport security guard has talked previously about living in a hotel room with 12 family members, but that they’ve been able to move into an apartment since he made it through Hollywood Week. Bunton Jr. sang Teddy Swim’s “The Door” as the star cheered for him on the side of the stage.

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: The judges gave Bunton Jr. a big standing ovation and Swims joyfully told him, “That was disgusting, man! That was crazy!” Richie told Bunton Jr. it was obvious that he was singing for his family, for the possibility of lifting his family into a new way of being. Perry said that despite all the negative happening in the world, Bunton Jr. represents the positivity and possibility of “Idol.” Bryan happily said, “How is this my job?” He celebrated that Bunton Jr. was able to be on the show at age 29, right when he was meant to be, to make a difference for himself and his family.

Next, Seacrest revealed that KAYKO had advanced to the Top 20. “Idol” played a video that the singer made about his songwriting process, and how he’s written 484 songs from the time he was a kid until he “accidentally” made it through on the show. The Nashville-based artist said he would then sing his 485th song, called “Over You,” including a solo on his electric guitar.

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: With her hands on her head, Perry told KAYKO that he’s “going to be a megastar” and that she can’t wait to see him on tour. Bryan said that even though he never intended to be on “American Idol,” he was meant to be on here to showcase all of his talents. Richie said that every time KAYKO takes the stage, he shows them a new part of himself and that he hopes he believes in himself as much as they do.

The next contestant to advance through to the Top 20, Seacrest announced, was Australian Jordan Anthony, who talked before his performance about how he took up boxing to shed weight that plagued him when he was younger. Similarly to how he worked so hard to shed over 100 pounds, Anthony said he’s ready to do whatever it takes to fight for his place in the music world. Sitting at the piano, Anthony played Billie Eilish’s “When The Party’s Over.” When his mic slipped out of place, he quickly moved it back into place without missing a note.

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: Complimenting Anthony for not letting the mic moment “rattle” him, Bryan said that it was a very tender delivery and one of his best performances. Richie told Anthony he successfully turned a Billie Eilish song into one of his own, telling a story as he sang. Perry, meanwhile, said it was one of her favorite performances of the evening because, “as good as everyone’s been…some people have been swallowed up by the stage tonight.” But delivering a “really quiet and really intimate” performance, she said, drew people in.

After a commercial break, Seacrest announced that the next contestant to advance was Quintavious Johnson. The gospel singer and worship leader said that while competing in Hawaii, he decided at the last minute not to sing mentor Tori Kelly‘s song, “Hollow,” even though she encouraged him to try. So, he opted to sing it on the April 14 episode, hoping it will earn him the votes he needs to keep advancing.

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: When Seacrest turned it over to the judges, Richie exclaimed, “What is going on!? You are electric. You walk out on stage like the quiet choir boy and then all of a sudden, you explode.” Perry said his last run “knocked me sideways” and that she loved how he delivered a pop song with a gospel message and sound. Bryan said it was Quintavious’ best song he’d performed so far because he had purpose, energy, and hit all the notes in his own style.

‘American Idol’ Live Results: Third Hour

Next up, Seacrest said Kaibrienne “K.B.” Richins had advanced to the Top 20. The Utah native said in her prerecorded video that she would be singing her first original song on the show, called “girl i am now,” which addresses how she was a “tomboy” growing up — climbing trees, riding dirt bikes, and playing football like her older brother and even wrestling. She laughed at how boys would cry after being pinned by a girl, and added that her upbringing made her “a way stronger person.” Sitting at the piano, Richins’ nerves got to her as she nearly stopped a couple of times to find her place on the piano keys. She took a deep breath after the second mistake, and kept going.

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: Acknowledging the hiccups, Perry said “it’s kind of boring” when someone performs perfectly, and encouraged her not to worry, calling the show “a safe place to fall apart.” Bryan said it actually made him see her realness and authenticity, causing him to like her even more. Richie said watching her reminded him of an experience performing at Madison Square Garden when he “had a nervous breakdown” and “kept stopping and starting.” But to his surprise, the review the next day said it was the most emotional song of the evening — much like Richins’.

After the commercial break, Paul Russell performed his hit, “Lil Boo Thing” and said he’ll soon be opening for Teddy Swims on a world tour as well as a U.S. tour with Meghan Trainor.

Next up, Seacrest said the next contestant to advance to the Top 20 was Nyachomba “Nya” Muchai-Kinya, who talked about her family emigrating from Kenya. The Broadway actress said “there was a lot of friction” in her family over her wanting to become a singer, but her dad — who died when Nya was 16 — was the only one who supported her dream. Since he had never seen her perform, she tearfully said she visited him in hospice and sang for him. Given that he passed away in Georgia, she decided to sing “Georgia On My Mind” by Ray Charles.

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: Following a three-judge standing ovation, Nya said it was really hard to keep her composure after seeing her dad’s photo on the screen right before she sang. She was then taken aback when Richie said, “In case you didn’t notice, your father’s standing right next to you. And when I say that, he’s always going to be with you — he’s your guardian angel.” Perry said it’s wild how the contestants are able to deliver such powerful performances in the midst of such high nerves, and that Nya reminds her of Jennifer Hudson. Bryan said Nya’s “effortlessness” is amazing.

After a commercial break, and with only a handful of contestants remaining, Seacrest announced that Jayna Elise Brown had made it through to the Top 20, a huge milestone given that she did not advance past Hollywood Week during Season 21. Hugging her, fellow contestant Julia Gagnon kept yelling, “I’m so [expletive] proud of you!” Before the Washington D.C. native sang Mariah Carey’s “My All,” she talked about how much she and her mom had bonded over music over the years, saying “she taught me everything I know.”

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: Bryan and Perry immediately stood up after Brown’s performance, quickly followed by Richie, who said, “I think she has been waiting for this moment her whole life,” adding that she has a career in front of her. As Brown held back tears, Perry said it’s clear she’s created her own unique path and that she’s so happy America voted for her. Bryan agreed, saying that he loves that she didn’t give up after being eliminated last year, and worked hard to return.

With only a few contestants left, Seacrest revealed that platinum ticket winner Abi Carter had made it into the Top 20. In a prerecorded video, Carter talked about how much she had been thinking about her grandpa while “Idol” filmed in Hawaii, because he lived there. He died in 2021, she said, and the week after performing in Hawaii, her grandma also died, which she called a shock. She said she decided to sing My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome To The Black Parade” because it reminds her to carry on the memories of those she’s loved and lost. Carter played the song on the piano with tears in her eyes, causing Perry to cry, too.

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: After another three-judge standing ovation, Perry said that Carter “transported me” with her rendition of the song and urged viewers to vote. Bryan said it felt like they were at Carter’s own concert and that she found her “magic” with that song. Richie agreed, saying that no one was breathing in the room while she sang and congratulated her on the performance.

Before moving onto further results, Seacrest welcomed season 18 alum Lauren Spencer Smith back to “Idol” to sing her hit song “Fingers Crossed.” After her performance, she talked about how exciting it is to have been on “Idol” and being asked to return, with hit songs under her belt and new music to come, with a sold-out headlining tour.

Following Spencer Smith’s performance, Seacrest revealed another member of the Top 20: Will Moseley. He said the experience has been surreal, but just in case the music career didn’t work, he graduated last year from Georgia Southern with a degree in biology — a feat no one else in his family had done. He said he promised himself he’d give himself a year to chase his music dream, and after auditioning for “Idol” with an original song, he was shocked to see it land at number two on the iTunes country charts. Moseley performed Drake White’s “Makin’ Me Look Good Again” on the April 14 episode.

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: After another standing ovation, Bryan asked when Moseley’s one year deadline would be, and the singer told him May. Seacrest reminded him that’s when the “American Idol” finale happens — and Bryan said he thinks Moseley will be in it. Richie told Moseley he loves “the way you do your thing” and Perry agreed, saying that she loved hearing his story and that she’s so glad he took destiny into his own hands.

With just four contestants left and only two moving forward, Seacrest announced that McKenna Breinholt had made it through. She talked about how moving it’s been that her adoption story — and meeting her birth family in person during her audition — has touched so many people, with millions of views on the the video. Breinholt sat at the piano to sing “Both Sides, Now” by Joni Mitchell.

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: Richie said he’s known Joni Mitchell a long time and that she would love how Breinholt made the song her own, and that he’d be sending it to the famous singer-songwriter. Perry said that she’s heard the song 100 times, but “tonight is the night it landed for me,” adding that the way Breinholt sang it helped her really understand the depth of the lyrics, calling her a “pro.” Bryan agreed, saying it makes her one of several contestants he thinks could win the competition.

The final three contestants left were Blake Proehl, Julia Gagnon and Hailey Mia. Seacrest announced that Gagnon had advanced, meaning Mia and Proehl would be going home.

While the platinum ticket winner cried and hugged her fellow contestants, she talked in a prerecorded video about how much her community has supported her dreams, and gave her the confidence to audition for “Idol.” With tears still filling her eyes, she began singing “I Believe” by former “Idol” winner Fantasia, but barely made it through the end because she was trying not to cry.

  • JUDGE FEEDBACK: Sobbing after she ended her song, the crowd cheered her name over and over before the judges spoke. Perry said it was clear American believes “that you belong,” calling her performance “amazing.” Bryan said that they are inspired every year by contestants and viewers, and that he is so proud of Gagnon for starting to believe in herself. Richie agreed, telling her how proud he is of her, too.

Voting will be open until 9 a.m. Eastern time on April 15, and the top 14 will be announced later that night on the show.

Meanwhile, social media has exploded with reactions to the four contestants who did not make the Top 20: Blake Proehl, KBlocks, Hailey Mia and Elleigh Francom.