‘Big Brother 23’ Nominations Week 1

Big Brother 23 nominations

Youtube Frenchie was crowned Head of Household in Wednesdays live compeition.

In Wednesday’s live premiere of “Big Brother 23“, Frenchie was crowned Head of Household in the first HOH competition of the summer. Not only did the farmer and superfan win safety for himself, but he also won safety for his entire team.

That’s right, “Big Brother 23” has split the house into four teams: the jokers, the aces, the kings, and the queens. Thanks to Frenchie, his teammates Derek F, Azah, and Britini also have immunity for week one.

Those who watch the live feeds already know who Frenchie chose to nominate for eviction this week. Read on to find out which two houseguests are the first to be on the block and why Frenchie chose them.

This article will have SPOILERS for the week one nominations. DO NOT KEEP READING IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO READ EPISODE SPOILERS. 

Frenchie’s Nomination Options

Frenchie used his HOH power to talk game with essentially everyone in the house. He couldn’t nominate any of his teammates and also expressed interest in not nominating a woman or a person of color. That would just leave Christian, Brent, and Travis.

But after the first-ever Wildcard competition, Christian won safety. That left Frenchie with Brent and Travis as he had already talked game and made deals with nearly everyone else in the house.

Frenchie Wanted to Backdoor Someone

Week one, many fans already feel that Frenchie is overplaying. From the get-go, he expressed interest in using the backdoor strategy to get rid of one of the physical threats in the house. He told several houseguests that he planned to nominate pawns and backdoor one of the guys.

After initially saying he didn’t want to nominate a person of color, he began toying around with making Derek X. his target.

The Many Faces (and Alliances) of Frenchie

Alliance names have already popped up on “Big Brother 23.” “The slaughterhouse” currently consists of The Jokers (Frenchie, Azah, Derek F., and Britini) plus Hannah and Claire. But Frenchie also wants a core group of four within that alliance called “the butchers.” He’s also talked to Whitney and Tiffany about a parents alliance.

It’s tempting for an HoH to use their power to talk game with everyone. However, striking too many deals and forming too many alliances could backfire once Frenchie’s HOH reign has ended. When other players start to realize just how many people Frenchie is working with, and how good he’s already proven to be at competitions, he could find himself with a huge target on his back.

An alliance called “The Firefighters” was even formed to put out Frenchie’s “fires.”

Frenchie’s Nominations

After all the talk of evicting a guy who was a physical threat, Frenchie began talking to one of the guys in the house, Brent. Brent told Frenchie that Christian had his eye on Alyssa. Since Christian had been on Frenchie’s radar for nomination until he won immunity, Frenchie made the leap that evicting Alyssa would be a consolation for not being able to evict Christian.

Frenchie ultimately decided to nominate Kyland and Alyssa, which is sure to upset some people in the house.

What Does This Mean for the POV Competition?

Alyssa, Kyland, Frenchie, and three other houseguests selected by random draw will compete in this week’s Power of Veto competition. If Alyssa or Kyland wins, they will likely save themselves and Frenchie will have to select a replacement nominee.

All these events and more will be included in this Sunday’s episode, at 8 PM ET on CBS and Paramount Plus.

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