‘Big Brother 23’ Alum Says the Jury Was a ‘Ky Hate Club’

Kyland Big Brother

CBS Kyland Young on "Big Brother 23."

Kyland Young made it to the final four on “Big Brother 23,” but not without irritating a few people along the way.

After one of his closest friends in the game Sarah Beth Steagall was evicted, she began to learn about Kyland’s secret alliance, The Cookout. Although she supported The Cookout’s mission, she told the other jurors that she was “struggling with all the lies he (Kyland) told me that were unnecessary.”

In an interview with Rob Has a Podcast, BB23 alum Derek Xiao revealed that the jury was very anti-Kyland for several weeks.

“Before I came in it was just Britini (D’Angelo) and she was very anti-Ky. She was not about it. And then I came in and I was on the fence. I think in the beginning I was pretty anti-Ky just because I was still a little salty about how I left on SB’s HOH (Sarah Beth’s Head of Household) and I was pretty sure that Kyland was like feeding her stuff during the HOH,” Derek X. said.

Sarah Beth Disposed of Kyland’s Hoodie

Sarah Beth left the “Big Brother” house with a hoodie of Kyland’s, but she didn’t stay sentimental about the garment or their friendship for very long.

“SB took Ky’s hoodie and threw it into a tree,” Derek X. explained on Rob Has a Podcast. “She was not on his team. She was not on his team anymore. So us three were just like the Ky hate club in jury house.”

In a video shared to the “Big Brother” Twitter page, Derek X. gives a tour of the jury house, showing what the evicted houseguests have been up to. Sarah Beth can be seen angrily throwing Kyland’s hoodie out the window. It’s a joke, showing that Sarah Beth had a sense of humor about the whole thing.

Once Tiffany Mitchell joined the jury, Derek X.’s opinion of Kyland began to shift. Even though Kyland was responsible for her eviction, Tiffany had no hard feelings towards him and respected his gameplay.

“Me and Tiffany, I’d say, we started being like the Ky fan club,” Derek X. said on Rob Has a Podcast.

Is Kyland On Good Terms With the BB23 Cast Now?

Sarah Beth isn’t the only person who Kyland offended during “Big Brother 23.” Right before leaving the “Big Brother” house, Kyland interrogated Xavier Prather about his decision to betray him and implied that he was a bad role model to his nephew.

It was a tense moment and seemed like their relationship might not recover. In Xavier’s post-season interview with Heavy, the “Big Brother 23” winner said of Kyland, “Honestly, I don’t anticipate us being BFFs.”

But now that the game is over, they seem to have buried the hatchet. The two went on a shopping spree with Derek X. shortly before doing a photo shoot with the rest of The Cookout.

Tiffany and Sarah Beth are Friendly Outside the Game

Although Tiffany targeted Sarah Beth on “Big Brother 23,” there are no hard feelings with them outside the game.

“I realized that this girl really is sweet,” Tiffany said in an interview with Parade. “She really is who she says she is. She opened up, and I welcomed that. I owed her apologies for however I may have made her feel or whatever would be revealed to her when she watches the show back. I genuinely do care about her.”

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