‘Big Brother 23:’ Did Christian & Alyssa Break Up?

Christian and Alyssa Big Brother 23

CBS Christian and Alyssa on 'Big Brother 23.'

Every season of “Big Brother” needs a showmance and for season 23, it was Christian Birkenberger and Alyssa Lopez.

While Christian was the final pre-jury evictee, Alyssa made it to jury and came in seventh place. That means the couple was separated from each other for about six weeks, with no way to communicate. When Christian was evicted by a vote of 7-2 on August 12, he gave Alyssa a kiss before heading out the door of the “Big Brother” house.

After that kiss, Christian and Alyssa didn’t see each other again until finale night on September 29. Christian often talked about missing Alyssa on social media and tweeted, “OMW to get my girl!” two days before the finale. But a new tweet seems to suggest that ChrisAlyss is no more.

Christian Tweeted About the Couple’s Breakup

Christian was the only pre-jury evictee who partied with the “Big Brother 23” cast after the finale. Alyssa shared a photo on her Instagram story of her and Christian posing with fellow houseguests Hannah Chaddha and Derek Xiao. But on October 2nd, Christian tweeted, “What does Chrisalyss & Wet cement have in common…? It only lasts 48hrs 😂😂,” suggesting that he and Alyssa had parted ways.

Earlier that same day, he tweeted, “✈️ to FL,” suggesting he was flying to visit Alyssa’s hometown of Sarasota, Florida.

Why Did They Break Up?

It’s unclear why the couple has called it quits, but it seems that Alyssa made the decision to end things. Before finale night, Christian was tweeting about “counting down the minutes” until their reunion and picking up roses.

Still, it’s hard to know what changed Alyssa’s mind. After she was evicted, she told Heavy in her exit interview, “I’m very excited to see him (Christian) again. I’m hoping he is wanting to pursue something after the show, but if not, I totally respect that as well.”

It’s possible that distance is what’s keeping ChrisAlyss apart. Currently, Alyssa lives in Florida and Christian lives in Connecticut. In his exit interview with Heavy, Christian said Alyssa was “someone I really can see myself being with forever.”

They Addressed the Breakup Together on Instagram Live

After Christian’s tweet, many fans were confused by the mixed messages he was sending on social media. He seemed to still be spending time with Alyssa, or at least be on good terms with her. This led fans to believe that his Twitter account was hacked.

But, Christian and Alyssa took to Instagram live to clear the air together. The couple confirmed that they did break up two days after finale night and that they crafted Christian’s wet cement tweet together. “We are friends, we’re just taking things slow. We broke up though,” Alyssa says in the video. “We’re not official,” adds Christian.

The pair are spending time together in Florida at the moment.

Derek F. Publicly Apologized to Azah

Derek Frazier and Azah Awasum came in second and third, respectively, on this season of “Big Brother.” They had a close friendship all season, but things got rocky between them once they made it to the final three.

Derek told Azah that he felt he’d carried her through the game, which obviously offended her. Azah has always planned to take Derek to the final two, but after he made it clear he had no respect for her game, she decided she’d rather take Xavier. Azah never had to choose between Derek and Xavier because Xavier won the final Head of Household competition, but the damage between her and Derek was done.

Now that they’re out of the “Big Brother” house, Derek issued an apology to Azah on Instagram.

“@wonderfulworldofaz (Azah), let me first say, thank you for sitting down with me this morning, so I was able to apologize once again in person. I want to again say, I am so sorry for my actions towards you. I should have never acted or treated you the way I did. We had a great friendship all the way up to the end of the season and I ruined that by being rude. I will continue trying my best to show you how apologetic I am. I do love you and I do consider you as one of my friends,” Derek wrote.

Fellow “Big Brother 23” alum Tiffany Mitchell commented a heart emoji on the post.

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