Is Tiffany Mitchell Joining ‘Big Brother’ Podcast, ‘The Winner’s Circle?’

Tiffany Mitchell

CBS Tiffany Mitchell of 'Big Brother 23.'

Tiffany Mitchell from “Big Brother 23” appeared on a recent episode of “The Winner’s Circle,” a podcast hosted by “Big Brother” alums Derrick Levasseur and Cody Calafiore.

Mitchell talked about her “Big Brother” gameplay on the January 13 episode of the podcast and then promoted the episode via Twitter in a manner that has fans thinking she might become a permanent fixture on the show.

This isn’t just an interview, it is the beginning of more great things to come. They are not only two of the greatest players of the game but two of the best guys I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. Thank you for welcoming me into your circle,” she tweeted along with a photo that read “Tiffany Mitchell Joins The Winner’s Circle.”

Fans were supportive of the idea of Mitchell joining the podcast in the comments, with some saying that Mitchell’s “Big Brother” gameplay surpassed that of Levasseur and Calafiore, both of whom have won the game. “Your greatness beats Cody and Derrick’s greatness COMBINED,” one Twitter user wrote.

“The Winner’s Circle” Instagram has not announced that Mitchell is joining the show and the page’s bio still only lists Levasseur and Calafiore as the hosts. It seems that fans may have gotten the wrong idea about Mitchell joining the podcast.

Calafiore & Levasseur Revealed They Know a ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ Contestant

The third season of “Celebrity Big Brother” premieres on February 2, 2022. The cast list has not yet been revealed but in a January 6 episode of “The Winner’s Circle,” Levasseur and Calafiore revealed that they know one of the contestants competing this season. That means that the cast is at least partially locked in.

Calafiore was reluctant to admit they knew someone in the cast as he didn’t want to get “hounded” with questions asking who it is. But after discussing that many “Celebrity Big Brother” contestants don’t care about the game, Levasseur wanted to say that the contestant they know loves “Big Brother.” This comment could mean that the contestant they know has participated in other reality shows, such as “Survivor” or “The Amazing Race.”

Levasseur and Calafiore started the podcast in June 2021, before “Big Brother 23” started. They cover other topics on the show including breaking news and “Survivor.” The pair met on “Big Brother 16” in 2014.  Calafiore also appeared on “Big Brother 22” in 2020.

When Will the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Cast List Be Revealed?

In past years, “Celebrity Big Brother” cast lists have only been revealed about a week before the season premiere. Since the season premieres on February 2, that means the announcement will likely be made the last week of January.

In seasons one and two, there were eleven houseguests (twelve people entered the house at the beginning of season two, but one of them, Anthony Scaramucci, was a twist known as the “fake houseguest”).

Past “Celebrity Big Brother” contestants have included politicians, comedians, actors, reality tv stars, athletes, musicians, and talk show hosts. In seasons one and two, the winner received a $250,000 prize, half of what the winner of normal “Big Brother” received. But now that the normal “Big Brother” prize has been increased from $500,000 to $750,000, it’s possible that the jackpot for celebrities is bigger as well.

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