The New ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ Casting Rumors

Celebrity Big Brother

CBS The cast of "Celebrity Big Brother 1."

Suspicions are already swirling about who might be joining the cast of “Celebrity Big Brother 3,” the first installment of the spinoff series since 2019.

The trusted “Big Brother” spoilers account @spoilergirl1 initially teased via tweets that “American Idol” alum Clay Aiken, former “Survivor” contestant Boston Rob, Bravo star Jax Taylor, television personality Tiffany Pollard, and former White House staffer Kellyanne Conway’s names had come up in talks for the show.

But a new tweet revealed two new celebrities that are allegedly being considered: Lisa Rinna and Scott Disick. Rinna is a former soap opera star (“Days of Our Lives”) and a regular cast member on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Disick is Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-partner and appeared in many episodes of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” He has three children with Kardashian – 11-year-old Mason, 9-year-old Penelope, and 6-year-old Reign.

“Celebrity Big Brother 3” will air on CBS and Paramount Plus in winter 2022, according to Deadline. Round-the-clock video surveillance of the contestants, known as the live feeds, will also be available to anyone with a Paramount Plus subscription.

Rumors are Swirling About the ‘Big Brother 23’ Cast

Another tweet from @spoilergirl1 is causing “Big Brother” fans to scratch their heads and formulate theories about the season 23 cast. “I hear there is a second relationship but its being kept quiet. #BB23,” the tweet reads. The first relationship of the cast is Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss.

After cast member Hannah Chaddha seemingly confirmed the existence of a secret couple with a tweet, fans began to take guesses as to who it could be. Tiffany & Kyland and Xavier & Alyssa were the only options taken seriously. But in an interview with Us Weekly about breaking up with her showmance Christian Birkenberger, “Big Brother 23” houseguest Alyssa Lopez said she and Xavier are just friends.

“I don’t know if people just need me to be in some type of relationship or something, but everyone in that house, I am strictly friends with, just like Christian. X (Xavier) and I are just really, really good friends as well,” Lopez said.

The Spoiler Account Said the Cast is ‘Protecting’ a Houseguest

Hannah Chaddha tweeted again to say that she wasn’t serious about there being a secret relationship in the cast. “No secret relationship i was simply doing what i do best…trolling & inciting ~drama~ and ~chaos~,” she wrote.

But @spoilergirl1 didn’t let it rest there. “I get it. But the cast also kept Claire and DX secret. #BB23,” the account tweeted. In another tweet, the account wrote “It’s nice they are all protecting a certain HG (houseguest) that would be attacked if it came out. The timing of the US Weekly interview 😯😯#BB23. They all knew about Claire and DX but remained quiet. Hannah knows that’s why she replied.” 

This tweet seems to imply that the secret relationship is Alyssa and Xavier since it refers to Lopez’s Us Weekly interview. It’s possible that the cast fears Lopez would be attacked for moving so quickly from Christian to Xavier, but it’s all speculation at this point.

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