Teddi Mellencamp Says Todrick Hall Pretended to Be ‘Struggling Financially’

Teddi Mellencamp

CBS Teddi Mellencamp on "Celebrity Big Brother."

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alum Teddi Mellencamp became the first person evicted from the “Celebrity Big Brother” house on February 4, 2022.

Things first started to look bad for Teddi when she asked Miesha Tate for safety as they hung onto champagne bottles in midair in the first Head of Household competition. Miesha told her it was too early to make promises even though she had just promised Todrick Hall safety. When Miesha became Head of Household (HOH), backdooring Teddi was immediately on her radar as an option.

But Miesha began to view Olympian Mirai Nagasu as a bigger threat and it seemed for a bit that Teddi might skate through the first eviction. Teddi formed an alliance called Formation with Todrick, Mirai, Carson Kressley, Cynthia Bailey, and Shanna Moakler. But Todrick was secretly more loyal to Miesha and when Carson used the power of veto to take himself off the block, Todrick convinced Miesha to make Teddi the replacement nominee.

Despite the last-minute Mon Won twist changing one of the nominations, Teddi was evicted by a vote of 5-3. Heavy had a chance to catch up with her about Todrick misrepresenting how badly he needs the prize money, Miesha’s attitude in the house, and Mirai’s strange behavior before the feeds went live.

Teddi Says Todrick Acted Like He Needed the Prize Money More Than He Does

The winner of “Celebrity Big Brother” gets $250,000, a prize that many of the famous and successful houseguests don’t really need. Teddi says that Todrick had her and other houseguests believing he really needed that money.

“Todrick was telling us how much he financially needed it and he had this tour he wanted to fund but then as the time went on, he goes, ‘you know my house, it has a movie theatre, blah blah blah,'” Teddi told Heavy.

She explained that Todrick, who is a big fan of “The Wizard of Oz,” told her that he was contemplating buying a $250,000 costume for the Wizard of Oz room in his house. “Explain to me how badly you’re struggling financially again to fund your tour? I mean I’m doing alright financially and I’m not buying $250,000 costumes for a themed room in my house,” the “Real Housewives” alum said.

Todrick and Teddi started out as friends in the house, but she told Julie Chen Moonves in her exit interview that she felt he had betrayed her the most in the game. “We slept next to each other and he would like, grab my hand in the middle of the night and be like, ‘we’re gonna do this, babe,’…so over the top,” Teddi told Heavy.

When the houseguests were in quarantine before the show started, news that Todrick was joining the cast made the rounds on Twitter. “Somebody I know knows him and warned me about him but I like still didn’t fully believe it,” Teddi revealed.

She Said Miesha Tate ‘Treated Us Like We Were Less Than’

When Teddi got wind of the fact that Miesha wanted her out, she tried to reason with the former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. But does she regret not getting on Miesha’s good side earlier?

“No, because she treated us like we were less than and I was not playing that game,” Teddi told Heavy. “I don’t care how bad I wanna win, I’m not gonna go in and kiss somebody’s butt in HOH.” She suggested that Miesha was high maintenance in the house. “Her amount of requests and things that she needed to specialize her time there was…,” she said, ending her thought with a whistle.

Teddi doesn’t think that Miesha and Todrick’s alliance will last. “I think she’s (Miesha) gonna be quite disappointed when she realizes that Todrick’s gonna stab her in the back as quickly as he did me. Todrick’s no dummy…he kept saying he never watched the show but then he would slip up and know the entire show and know past seasons,” she said.

She Revealed That Mirai Was Acting Strange Before the Live Feeds Started

The live feeds didn’t start after the February 2 premiere episode like they were supposed to. They were delayed until the following evening and the viewers at home certainly missed a lot of action in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house during that time.

According to Teddi, the fans didn’t see how upset Mirai was about being on the block. “She cried for 72 hours,” she said. “At first I believed her and I like, went to bat for her…and then I realized it was all part of her game…that’s when Mirai and I had a falling out because I fought so hard for her.”

Teddi was concerned by Mirai’s behavior during that time. “I mean there were three days when she didn’t say words. She would just hum. I said to her face, ‘I don’t think this is a good place for you. You are struggling and I can’t as a good human being watch this any longer.’ But then I realized she was playing me the whole time and it was an entire tactic. And then I was like ‘Teddi, come on people don’t get to the Olympics when they can’t handle pressure,” she said.

She Refused to Betray Carson to Stay in the Game

Teddi wanted to play a loyal, straightforward game and she did so, perhaps to her own detriment. She may have had a chance to stay in the game but would’ve had to betray an alliance member to do so. “Miesha tried to turn me against Carson and asked me if I would come to her and betray Carson and I refused,” she told Heavy.

Teddi gave Carson a heads up that he was the next target before she left the house and she doesn’t blame Shanna Moakler for voting to evict her (“Shanna did what she had to do”). But she does want revenge.

“I want Todrick out,” she said. She says she knows there’s a time in “Celebrity Big Brother” when you have to go back on your word. “That time does not need to be week one and I think…it’s ultimately gonna bite him (Todrick) in the butt,” Teddi said.

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