A ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Contestant Has a Controversial Weight Loss Business

Teddi Mellencamp

Getty Teddi Mellencamp is a contestant on the third season of "Celebrity Big Brother."

Teddi Mellencamp has appeared on three seasons of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and will continue her reality television career on the third season of “Celebrity Big Brother.”

The Daughter of musician John Mellencamp, 40-year-old Teddi is the founder of a lifestyle and fitness company called All In By Teddi. The website refers to the program as “accountability coaching.” In 2020, All In received backlash for problematic messaging, restrictive food plans, and expensive fees with no refund options.

Here’s what you need to know about the All In By Teddi controversy.

A Participant in the Program Said ‘They Teach You How to Starve Yourself’

Stephanie Langlitz participated in All In By Teddi in 2017. “It was very degrading,” she told Page Six of her experience with the program. “It was very isolating.” According to a report by The Daily Beast, participants must send pictures of everything they eat to accountability coaches and at times even send photos of their weight on a scale.

“They don’t let you know the menu before you start,” one woman who signed up for All In in 2019 told The Daily Beast. “I understood this in terms of protecting their program from being ripped off. They let you know that it’s vegetarian and dairy-free, which I was fine with. But I was really surprised at how little I was allowed to eat.”

Thought Catalog reported on a Facebook post shared by an anonymous former All In participant. “I did Teddi’s all in program for 2 weeks (jumpstart). It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever done. I was maybe consuming like 500 calories a day and that is generous, it was probably more like 450,” the post reads. “They don’t teach you how to live healthier. They teach you how to starve yourself.”

Participants Can Be Easily Dropped From the Program Without Refunds

The two-week All In Jumpstart program costs $39.90 per day for a total cost of $599.00. Participants are expected to meet certain goals each day, completing workouts and sticking to a meal plan. Some people have claimed that failing to stay on track can get you dropped from the program with no refund.

“If you quit or slip up, they will drop you immediately without giving you your $600 back,” one former participant told The Daily Beast. Dana Thorogood told the outlet that she experienced “dizzy spells, headaches, (and) extreme body weakness,” as a result of the small amount of food she was allowed to eat. She also said the recommended detox tea gave her diarrhea on a daily basis.

“On the days that I told (my accountability coach) I had severe diarrhea, she still required proof of my workout and pics of my food,” Thorogood said. “When I could no longer do the workouts daily because of the symptoms I was having, I was removed from the program and promptly removed from the group text from Teddi.”

As for whether Thorogood could get her money back after falling behind on her workouts due to health problems, she says no. “There was never a mention of a partial refund,” she said. “But I was told if I wanted to start again next month, I could if I paid again.”

What Has Mellencamp Said About the Backlash?

Teddi has responded to the criticism of her accountability coaching program. On an episode of her podcast, she said, “we would never encourage anyone to starve. Every person has different needs, different goals and we focus on clean eating.” (via E! News).

Teddi admitted that people can be dropped from the program if they’re repeatedly not doing any physical activity on a daily basis, but claimed, “if there’s an emergency where someone’s like, ‘I’m not feeling well,’ or there’s a family emergency, of course they’re not being kicked out.”

“Our approach involves around a daily intake of 1100-1200 calories, similar to many other popular (and safe) wellness programs, to help our clients jumpstart a pattern of cleaner eating and more exercise,” a rep for Teddi told The Daily Beast.

The frequently asked questions section of the All In website confirms that daily weigh-ins are an integral part of the program. “The scale is not for everyone.  If it triggers you, then this program is not for you,” the website reads.

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