‘Big Brother’ Houseguest Attacked For Being Gay


In a recent Instagram video, Big Brother all-star Janelle Pierzina dished the dirt with Beau Beasley, who became one of her best friends after they were on Big Brother 6 together. In fact, they became so close that Beasley was in Pierzina’s wedding.

Before the wedding, they were in Napa Valley, California, for Pierzina’s bachelorette party when they had a scary encounter at a bar and Pierzina had to save Beasley from getting beaten up for being gay.

An Angry Man at the Bar Grabbed Beasley By the Throat

In the interview, Beasley recalled how there were a bunch of guys at the bar for a bachelor party or a birthday or something, and they all seemed to be watching Beasley, Pierzina and their other friends dancing.

“Like eight burly goomba boys are staring at me … and I’m like, ‘I’m with my girls, so shut up and leave me alone.'” said Beasley, adding, “We’re doing our twirls and minding our own business and this guy comes up to me and he’s like you need to stop with your whatever stuff and he called me the F-word. He got in my face and you’re like, ‘Get out of his face!’ and he’s like, ‘Who are you?!”

Pierzina then said, “He took you by the throat and he threw you up against the wall and was holding you, so I jumped on the guy’s back and I started punching him and I grabbed his eyes to blind him and I pulled my hands back to scratch him and it worked.”

“His eyes were bleeding. You pulled back and you leaned back. I remember this like it was yesterday,” said Beasley.

They both agreed they were worried the man was going to kill them.

“He was gonna kill me, I kid you not. … the bouncers kicked those other guys out and they kept us inside, but the guys wouldn’t leave. They were like standing outside waiting to jump us,” said Beasley.

They managed to get out of there, but Pierzina added, “You know you’re gonna be protected because I’ll jump on a guy’s back and claw his eyes out.”

It’s cool that they ended up such good friends because Beasley and Pierzina were not friends on their season. They were on opposites of one of the most bitterly divided houses in the show’s history.

They Also Talked About Other Big Brother Trips

Apparently, there have been several trips over the years with many Big Brother cast members. Pierzina said the best one was when she, Frank Eudy, Wil Heuser, Mike “Boogie” Malin, and Ashley Iocco went to the Kentucky Derby.

Another good one was when she, Beasley, James Rhine, Howie Gordon, and a bunch of players from season nine went camping in Oregon. They were a ton of fans there and they brought copious amounts of marijuana.

Pierzina also said from all-stars, she really wants to keep in touch with Bayleigh Dayton, but she doesn’t want to “bug her” because she’s so busy. But Pierzina does routinely see Big Brother alum McCrae Olson, who lives near her in Minnesota.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring and there is talk of a winter edition of Celebrity Big Brother.

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