A ‘Big Brother’ All-Star Has COVID-19


A Big Brother fan-favorite and two-time all-star has revealed on Twitter that she has contracted the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. Read on to find out how Janelle Pierzina is doing — it’s no surprise that she’s taking it in stride but she has been experiencing some of the classic symptoms people report having.

Pierzina Said She’s Doing Well

In a Twitter post revealing that she has COVID, Pierzina said she is doing well and even joked that maybe one of the symptoms is “extreme bitchiness.”

“I think one of the symptoms of Covid is extreme bitchiness/irritability. Other than that I’m feeling great! Thank goodness I don’t have to be around people right now. Self-isolating has always been my thing so I’ll be fine,” wrote Pierzina.

She later revealed that she has lost her senses of taste and smell, but other than that, she’s doing well — and getting a little bored.

“I never had a fever, just achy muscles and chills. Now I feel fine. I’m just really bored from being quarantined,” wrote Pierzina in a second Twitter post.

One fan offered up a home remedy for helping bring one’s taste back: “Try roasting an orange until it’s black then take the inside of the orange, mix it with brown sugar and eat it. It’s supposed to bring your taste back.”

Hopefully She’s Well Enough For Her Napa Girls Trip

On a recent Instagram post that Pierzina made of herself and her husband, thanking him for standing by her all these years as she goes off to be on reality shows, a bunch of former Big Brother players chimed in and mentioned their upcoming trip to Napa.

Rachel Reilly Villegas commented, “Can’t wait for Napa in the spring,” and her sister Elissa Slater wrote, “Gorgeous couple – tell him he’s on daddy duty again & time for us to start planning our Napa girls trip.”

We wonder who else will get to go on the girls trip. On one of PIerzina’s Napa trips with the ladies she also brought along her Big Brother bestie Beau Beasley. He could probably use a getaway soon — he just lost his father to COVID. Pierzina posted her condolences to Twitter, writing, “Love you Beau. I’m so sorry for your loss. I always loved hearing your stories about your dad. Thinking of you!”

Pierzina recently celebrated her 41st birthday. The four-time Big Brother player lives in Minnesota where she works as a real estate agent. She and her husband Jess DeSanto have been together on and off since they were 18. They got married in 2010 and have three children: daughter Violet, 9, son Lincoln, 7, and daughter Stella, 6. DeSanto is head of the DeSanto Investments group along with his brother, Jake. They own three hotels and seven rental properties in Minnesota and Wisconsin, according to a Sun article from 2012.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring.

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