Why ‘Big Brother’s’ Janelle Pierzina Just Shaded Her Fellow Houseguest

Janelle Pierzina of Big Brother game

CBS Janelle Pierzina of Big Brother game

The All-Stars season of Big Brother may be over, but there is still plenty of dirt to dish and shade to throw, apparently. Janelle Pierzina went off on finalist Nicole Franzel during and after the finale, and then she took aim at jury member Daniele Donato Briones. Here’s what she said and how the fans are reacting.

Janelle Said Daniele’s Legacy is ‘Tarnished’

Right after the finale, Pierzina offered her final thoughts about the season, congratulating winner Cody Calafiore and saying that Nicole Franzel “got what she deserved.” But when a fan asked her, “What about Dani, thoughts on her failed attempt at dethroning you?”, Pierzina did not hold back.

“Her legacy is forever tarnished,” wrote Pierzina on Twitter.

What she is most likely referring to is the fact that the old-school players came into the house wanting to work with Donato Briones, but instead of aligning with the Pierzina/Keesha Smith/Kaysar Ridha side of the house, Donato Briones aligned herself with Calafiore and Franzel and helped do their dirty work all season long. But she was definitely on the outs of their mega-alliance because she was the first one cut when they finally started to turn on one another.

Fans were really split on this sentiment. Some responded in agreement, with one writing, “Sadly, it’s true. I was so disappointed in her gameplay this season. Or should I say her lack of gameplay? Because the only game she played was Cody’s” and another wrote, “I couldn’t stand Dani’s jealousy and attempts to be the new BB Queen. I’m glad you see it now that you’re out of the house. Dani is foolish and egotistical. Queen Janelle forever.”

But others thought Pierzina was displaying her own jealousy and sour grapes behavior. One wrote, “She’s actually made it to the jury phase 3 times which is something you can’t say. She could also win an HOH competition on all 3 seasons so let’s not get bold miss ‘comp beast'” and another said, “I mean, [your legacy] is too after tonight. 40 and a mother acting like that is insane.”

Janelle Also Compared Her to a Famous Villain

During the live finale, Pierzina also tweeted a GIF of the iconic 101 Dalmations villain and wrote, “Dani looks like Cruella de Vil” and followed it up with, “Dani knows she’s evil and embraces it.”

Fans were responding with a lot of laughing GIFs and agreement, with one writing, “OMG, I’ve been trying to put my finger on this for SO LONG” and another writing, “That’s disrespectful to Cruella.”

It sounds like there is no love lost between Pierzina and some of her fellow houseguests. But one thing is for sure — Pierzina definitely makes all things Big Brother way more entertaining.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, there are rumors that CBS is trying to put together Celebrity Big Brother 3 and we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring as well.

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