Andy Cohen Gives Details on His Strange Raya Date

Andy Cohen

Bravo Andy Cohen gave details on a weird date he went on.

Andy Cohen’s dating life has changed a lot since he became a dad. The “Watch What Happens Live” host is a single parent to son Ben, 3, and a 6-month-old baby girl, Lucy.

Before he was a father, Cohen, 53, had an acting dating life. According to, the Bravo host had a three-year relationship with theater actor and producer John Hill. In 2020, Cohen revealed why the relationship ended. “We were in different places in our lives,” he said.

Cohen also dated Clifton Dassuncao from 2016 to 2018, according to the Sun.

In February 2022, Cohen told Extra he is ready to “settle down.” “I’m just looking for a great guy,” he said.

Cohen recently gave an update on his dating life. Here’s what you need to know:

Andy Cohen Revealed He Went on an Unusual Raya Date

Andy Cohen

Getty ImagesAndy Cohen.

In November 2022, Cohen opened up about his personal life during a chat with “Today.” The WWHL host revealed that he has “slowed down” since welcoming his second child. “I’m home most nights,” he said. “My priorities have really shifted.”

When asked about his dating life, Cohen revealed that he used to look for someone that he connected with “on a variety of levels.”

“Intellectually, humor, physically,” he said. ”And now it’s those things definitely, but it’s also I’m looking for someone with different priorities. Someone who is grounded and calm and doesn’t value going out every night. Someone who wants to settle down.”

Cohen noted that his busy and public life isn’t the greatest example of “settling down,” but added, “I have two kids and that’s my priority. I guess it would need to be theirs, too.”

The dad of two then dished on an unusual date he recently went on.

“I had a Raya date with someone who was in town from another city,” Cohen told Today. “They were on my Raya and I was like ‘This person looks kind of perfect.’ I didn’t realize they were just visiting, so by the time they got back to me they said, ‘I’m leaving tomorrow,’ and I was ‘What?’”

“I had no time and he had no time,“ Cohen continued. “So I said, ‘I’m gonna be at the playground from this time to this time, I dare you to show up.’ And he did show up.”

Cohen added that his toddler son was playing and “doing his own thing” when the mystery date showed up at the park.

“But he met Ben over the course of a speed date on a bench at the playground,” Cohen revealed. “So yeah, my dating life is different now.”

Andy Cohen’s First Date as a New Father Did Not Go Well

While he had to resort to a playground bench for a recent date, it’s not the weirdest date Cohen has been on. According to People, in 2019 the WWHL host went on his first date after becoming a dad – and it did not go well. Cohen was set up with a writer for “The Howard Stern Show,” Chris Wilding.

Wilding gave a recap of the date on Stern’s show and revealed that Cohen showed up late and drunk for their date at The Monkey Bar in Manhattan, then put him in the “friend zone” from the start. Wilding also claimed Cohen wouldn’t give him his phone number and was distracted during their disastrous date.

“I didn’t expect him to be so drunk,” Wilding said. “He was looking off into the ether, looking at his phone …We were talking and Andy took out his phone and said, ‘Is it rude that I’m ordering a Lyft while I’m talking to you?’ It was a very odd date.”

“It was bad,” Cohen agreed. “I shouldn’t have come lit up.”

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