Cameran Eubanks Accuses Producers of Making Up Her Husband’s Alleged Affair

Getty Cameran Eubanks in 2016

Once upon a time, Cameran Eubanks shined on Southern Charm as the voice of reason. But after six seasons, Eubanks announced she was leaving the Bravo franchise in mid-May. Since her departure, the cast has kept the show alive, and Eubanks has focused on her 3-year-old daughter Palmer Corrine as well as publishing her new memoir titled, One Day You’ll Thank Me.

Around the time Eubanks announced she was leaving the franchise, some cast members discussed a rumor going around Charleston regarding her marriage. Cast member Kathryn Dennis sat down with Craig Conover and shared a rumor she had heard that Eubanks’ husband, Jason Wimberly, had been having an affair.

While the rumors spread, posted a story alleging her husband had been having a two-year affair with local Charleston makeup artist Rebecca Leigh Wash. The two have been married since 2014, and Wimberly rarely appears on Southern Charm. Eubanks has consistently denied the allegations and that they affected her decision to leave.

Eubanks is now sharing her side of the story. When Dennis brought up her husband’s rumored affair on Southern Charm, Eubanks thinks it may have been more than just Dennis behind the rumor.

“I think it was either a punishment because they were ticked off I left or I think it was perhaps a way they thought I would come back to defend him,” Eubanks explained on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast on Friday, January 5. “One of the producers actually called me afterward and said, ‘Aren’t you going to come to this party tonight to defend Jason?’ I could see through what was happening so then I thought, ‘Damn, was this maybe a way to get me to show up and film?’”

Eubanks Opened up About Choosing Her Husband Over ‘Southern Charm’

The 37-year-old author shared more about her and her husband’s decision for Wimberly to not frequently appear on Southern Charm. “Every year, they [Southern Charm producers] tried to get Jason to film and a couple of times, I was told, ‘If you don’t bring your husband on, you’re not going to be on the show anymore,'” Eubanks said on the the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast. “And I said, ‘Well, I won’t be on the show anymore.'”

She added, “It’s so rare that a marriage goes on any of these shows and is portrayed in a happy, easy, positive light because that’s not entertaining. If your marriage is happy and good and solid, people will try to make up things about it. Even with this season, I’m not even on the show, and poor Jason’s name was drug through the mud.”

Eubanks Revealed if She Would Ever Return to ‘Southern Charm’

While many fans have sang their praises for Eubanks in hopes that she would consider returning to Southern Charm, they may not want to get their hopes up. Eubanks shared in her memoir, One Day You’ll Thank Me, that she does not have plans to return to Southern Charm.

“The drama on reality TV lately has taken a dark turn and become something I don’t want to associate myself with anymore,” Eubanks wrote in her book, per People. “False accusations can be made and nasty rumors can be started for the sake of a ‘good show.’ It just started to feel a bit icky.”

Eubanks added that her time on Southern Charm was a, “very positive experience,” but she maintains that her time on the show has come to an end.

“I’m pretty certain I am done with reality TV, though,” she wrote. “I’ve got two shows under my belt, and at this point I am enjoying the simpler life without a camera in my face.”

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