Fans Want Bravo Star Fired After Violent Attack on Co-Star

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“Summer House” fans saw a nasty fight play out on the most recent episode of the Bravo reality show, and some viewers they think action should be taken — now.

In the episode “That’s Not Amore,” a love-filled Italian dinner hosted by Andrea Denver turned into one of the ugliest fights ever seen on Bravo.

After Ciara Miller confronted Lindsay Hubbard for inviting their mutual hookup partner, Austen Kroll, to spend the night in her room, Hubbard’s bestie, Danielle Olivera, inserted herself into the conversation and things escalated quickly, with Ciara ultimately screaming in her face before throwing a wine glass directly at Danielle’s chest.

Danielle retaliated by tossing a glass back at Ciara as a “To Be Continued” message appeared onscreen.

Danielle Olivera Opened Up About the Violent Incident

In an interview with Us Weekly, Danielle revealed that the wine glass actually “shattered” on her chest.

“And so, the truth is the next day, I saw bruises — like I had bruises,” she said. “Craig [Conover] who was there that weekend, he was, like, ‘Oh my God, I pulled you away that hard.’ … No, the bruises were because of that wine glass that she threw at me and shattered on my chest bone. I’m not OK. I’m not OK about it.”

Danielle also opened up to Entertainment Tonight to reveal that she began “hyperventilating” after the incident.

“I was very upset, and I had to be calmed down off-camera,” she revealed. “I almost wanted to pack my bags and get the hell out of there. …The next morning, I did have a big bruise on my chest, and I thought it was because Craig had pulled me back… and then watching it back, I didn’t know that the glass was thrown directly at my chest bone. And that was probably more of the reason why I had that bruise.”

Danielle added that the wine glass she tossed back at Ciara was tossed “down” and not straight at her. She said the incident still “one hundred percent” bothers her nearly a year later and that she will never be friends with Ciara.

“Those feelings have not gone away,” Danielle said, noting that Ciara only apologized to her on-camera and never reached out to her privately.

“If she really, truly cared about anything, she would’ve texted me. She would’ve DM’ed me. She would’ve called me. She would’ve done anything else,” Danielle added. “After watching the playback in regular speed — and then in slow-motion — how do you not have the common courtesy and decency to just reach out to someone and say, ‘Hey, I didn’t even know I did that. Again, I’m truly sorry?’ Anything! Any sort of dialogue, any sort of conversation, I would have a lot more respect for her.”

Some Viewers Think Ciara Should be Fired From Summer House

BravoPictured: (l-r) Paige DeSorbo, Luke Gulbranson, Andrea Denver, Carl Radke, Mya Allen, Danielle Olivera, Ciara Miller, Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Lindsay Hubbard, Alex Wach.

On social media, some fans noted that while Danielle should have stayed out of her co-stars’ argument, Ciara should still be fired by Bravo for her violent act.

“100% team Danielle,” one fan wrote on Instagram. “Ciara, there’s ZERO place for violence and should be fired. No tolerance to physical violence. Let’s see what consequence she gets if any.”

Some fans tagged Bravo host Andy Cohen in their comments as they demanded for Ciara to be canned from the summertime reality show.

“@andy Why wasn’t Ciara fired for assault?” one viewer asked. “The glass she threw at Danielle that shattered on her chest could have seriously injured her.”

“Ciara needs to be fired. Look how close that glass was to Danielle’s face!” another wrote on Twitter.

Others asked Cohen why Bravo allows violence between cast members.

“Ciara should be fired. Physical violence unacceptable…@BravoTV @Andy sick to condone that,” another wrote.

As of this writing, Ciara has not addressed the fight on social media.

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