‘Southern Charm’ Star Responds to Ex’s Antics on Another Bravo Show

Madison LeCroy

Bravo Madison LeCroy.

“Southern Charm” had a crossover with “Summer House” and Austen Kroll turned out to be the biggest loser in the bunch — at least according to Paige DeSorbo, who called him as much.

On the March 21 episode of the Hamptons-based Bravo reality show, titled “Happily Ever Never,” Kroll’s player ways caught up with him after he was caught leading on both Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller during a bash at the summertime party house. Kroll, 34, had a fling with Miller while filming the “Winter House” spinoff in 2021, and he’s had an on-and-off hookup with Hubbard.

In the “Summer House” episode, Kroll began to gaslight Miller when she confronted him about telling her and her roommate different things about their relationship with him. He replied by informing Miller that he made out with both her and Hubbard during the same party.

“Lindsay and I will probably kiss each other on the mouth for the next f***ing 25 years, and nothing’s going to change that,” he informed Miller.

The two women end up getting into it, with Miller ultimately calling Hubbard a “sucker a** b***.”

The other “Summer House” roomies also chimed in.

“It’s not nice to play with two girls’ hearts,” said Andrea Denver.

Luke Gulbranson called Kroll a “f*** boy” and Danielle Olivera said, “I don’t know why two strong amazing females need to be coming at each other because of a stupid guy.”

Fans Say Madison LeCroy Has Been Redeemed After Seeing Austen Kroll’s Behavior on ‘Summer House’

Ciara Miller Austen Kroll

BravoCiara Miller and Austen Kroll on Summer House.

Kroll’s bad behavior had Bravo fans expressing sympathy for his former girlfriend, Madison LeCroy. While the beauty salon owner got a bad rap when she was dating Kroll on “Southern Charm,” some fans have now had a change of tune about her.

“Madison had Austen’s number all along,” came one Instagram post.

“Madison, Chelsea [Meissner], the other blonde girl, all of them had his number. They all saw his antics and left. He has nothing to offer to successful women,” another agreed.

When one Twitter user noted that Kroll had everyone “thinking Madison was the problem,” another replied, “Austen is the problem here.  Does no one remember when he was ‘so in love with Madison’ yet got caught in a threesome? A leopard never changes its spots.”

“The more I watch Austen on #SummerHouse the more I’m team Madison,” another wrote.

On her Instagram story, LeCroy also reshared a tweet that read, “Last night was a nice redemption for Madison IMO #SummerHouse.”

Madison LeCroy & Austen Kroll Split in 2020 Following a Cheating Scandal

Kroll and LeCroy dated off and on for three years, before officially splitting in 2020. The couple’s ups and downs were documented on the Bravo reality show, including a cheating scandal that had LeCroy accusing Kroll of having a threesome.

In a leaked video that was filmed as LeCroy confronted Kroll with the women still in his bedroom, Kroll called her “insane” and “crazy” for thinking there was anything strange about having two women spend the night in his bed.

“I’m so f***ing embarrassed for you,” he told LeCroy.

Kroll told Entertainment Tonight that the threesome accusations took place “very early” in his relationship with LeCroy.

During the “Southern Charm” season 7 reunion, LeCroy was under fire as Kroll’s best friend Craig Conover accused her of “flying around the country sleeping with men,” including a famous ex-MLB player who is believed to be former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez. Kroll also chimed in to accuse LeCroy of Facetiming a famous athlete “all the time.”

In October 2021, LeCroy announced her engagement to boyfriend Brett Randle months after meeting him.

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