‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Star Detailed Issues With Leadership This Season

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Chase Lemacks had some choice words about his “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” season 4 co-star and boss Gary King as the season is currently airing on Bravo.

On June 12, the deckhand appeared on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” and unpacked the beginning of the season, including his issues with the First Mate. Lemacks was asked how King could have been a better leader for him and his fellow deckhand Alex Propson and Lemacks replied, “There were just no instruction[s].”

“We were expected to know everything, and then we would be called out when we did it wrong,” he added. “I think if he took two hours on the first day he arrived and walked us around the boat [and] showed us how everything worked, we would have been fine.” As viewers saw, King missed the first charter of the season due to a positive COVID test, but once he joined the boat he didn’t give his deckhands a walk-around.

“I would just learn where things [were] on the boat and we’d screw up and he’d call us out for it,” Lemacks explained. “That’s how we learned.” The deckhand also said that as a manager, he’d want to help people improve and not call them out.

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Gary King Criticized Chase Lemacks in Conversations With Captain Glenn Shephard & Colin MacRae

Lemacks and Propson held down the fort fairly well in the first charter of the season with Colin MacRae’s help after King was quarantined in his hotel with a positive COVID test. Once he joined the boat, it didn’t take long for him and Lemacks to clash.

King criticized Lemacks on a few occasions, including in conversations with Captain Glenn Shephard and MacRae. In one scene, Lemacks opened up with King about Propson’s work ethic as he found some parts of the boat hadn’t been properly cleaned after Propson’s night shift. Lemacks told King he’d prefer to just let Propson know directly but King assured him he’d handle it.

Viewers then saw King throw Lemacks under the bus when speaking with Propson and telling him that Lemacks was fuming over the boat’s condition.

Some Fans Have Also Commented on Gary King’s Leadership This Season

Some viewers have also called out King for his style of management with the deckhands this season. One Reddit thread saw a commenter say, “My problem with him remains that he mostly just ducks out for a ciggy… He’s the most annoying kind of boss, the kind that works the least.”

Someone else wrote in another thread that King is a “terrible leader.” They said, “His philosophy of crap talking his team behind their backs but not actually giving them any direct feedback is so immature and shady.” Another agreed, “He’s an absolutely TERRIBLE boss. Not only is he not harnessing Chase’s energy to work hard and learn, but to throw him under the bus to Alex… was so utterly unprofessional and just… wrong.”

Several other commenters criticized King’s behavior toward Lemacks, who appeared keen to learn on the show, and the First Mate’s apparent attempt to pit his two deckhands against each other.

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