‘Winter House’ Star Jason Cameron Opens Up About Relationship With Lindsay Hubbard

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Jason Cameron opened up about his relationship with his “Winter House” co-star Lindsay Hubbard in a new interview. The two hooked up while shooting the Vermont-based spinoff in early 2021, and they seemed like a match made in reality TV heaven.

Hubbard told Entertainment Tonight she was “shocked” to meet someone like Cameron on the show. “I just thought I was going to go, like, hang out in the snow with my friends, and I did not expect to meet somebody in the process whatsoever,” she said. “So I think that was probably the most shocking for me, is actually finding a guy and it being this beautiful, amazing, nice guy at that. He was all of a sudden there for me and I was like, ‘Whoa, where did this guy come from?'”

The two casually dated after the show wrapped, but when Hubbard was back on camera to film “Summer House,” she stunned fans as she opened up to her co-star and future boyfriend Carl Radke to reveal that she had been pregnant with Cameron’s child and suffered a miscarriage shortly after the two had ended their romance.

Jason Cameron Opened up About His Relationship With Lindsay Hubbard

Jason Cameron

BravoJason Cameron

In a June 15, 2022 interview on the “Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef” podcast, Cameron gave his side of what happened with Hubbard.  The Bravo star noted that Hubbard came into “Winter House” like a “tornado” and he wasn’t sure what to make of her at first. Once he got to know her he admitted he thought it “could work.”

But the whirlwind dating relationship only lasted about a month, he said, and it wasn’t really “exclusive.” “Like we had tried to make it work,” he told Yontef. “It wasn’t really working.”

Cameron said Hubbard’s pregnancy was “definitely not expected, but it was something that we both definitely went through.”

“I didn’t really choose to say too much,” he said. “I definitely kept it to myself to a degree. I know that she was talking about it on [‘Summer House.’] I wasn’t sure as far as like, what else was going to be put out there? It was a lot, but at the same time, I guess that’s what happens and yeah, it was definitely more of a private situation for me. And I knew that she wanted to share that with the world. So yeah, I was there to support that and her, you know, however, she wanted to explain what had happened. You know, it’s not an easy situation.”

Cameron reiterated that the unplanned pregnancy is not what led to the demise of his relationship with Hubbard. “We weren’t like together together,” he said. “We were trying to make a work, I would say. So we weren’t like exclusive, we weren’t like dating.”

“Like we had known like, something was a little off, like with her body, but at the same time, we weren’t sure like what was going on,” he added. “So yeah. She went to the doctor and had the sonogram.”

Cameron added that Hubbard had planned to have the baby if the pregnancy had turned out to be healthy, and that he was prepared to support her.

“I was looking into, you know, larger apartments, you know, trying to like, you know, check all my accounts and like, all right, well, make sure this is this set up?” he said. “How’s my finances? I was like, should I be a manager at that bakery. Get some benefits. Oh, I went there, I went full throttle and I was like, all right, well, yeah, this is so much more important than all the fun I’ve been having and enjoying my life… it was, it was more like, all right, let me get my mind right for what’s to come. Like, if this is going to be really happening, let’s really be prepared.”

Cameron revealed he was definitely “sad” after Hubbard’s miscarriage.

“I was just sad first,” he admitted. “Like, you know, you get the build-up in your head about being a father about like, oh wow. … And, you know, you’re picturing, you know, being on swing sets and you know, all these, I have all of these conceptions of what a good father is going to be and what you could do. And then, yeah, it was very sad to hear the news, but at the same time, like, it was very early, you know … But yeah, I think we were just kind of both somber and like sad and just kind of quiet for a bit And just sat there and, you know.”

Cameron revealed that he kept in touch with Hubbard, who is now in a serious relationship with Radke, and that he been asked her upfront if she planned to discuss their personal situation on-camera on ‘Summer House.”

“I was definitely curious to know how she was going to present the information,” he told Yontef. “I said hey, are you going to talk about this on the show? She’s like, ‘yeah, I’m definitely to share it. You know, it’s my prerogative.’ And I was like,’ well, no, absolutely. You know, it’s up to you. However you want to say or whatever you want to say. I just want to be prepared.'”

“Then it was interesting when it did come out,” he added. “Like no one told me, and I didn’t know, like if it was going to be on or if they cut it, you know, it was definitely kind of like, oh, Hmm. I mean they use 25 perecnt of what we film and you know, I mean, it’s definitely relevant, you know, something that we go through and what she had went through. …So one of the producers called me like 10 minutes before it came on the air and like, ‘oh, just so you know, your business is about to be like all over TV.’ I was like, ‘oh, well thanks for the call.’”

He added that he did receive some calls from family members who found out about the situation from “Summer House” and Hubbard’s magazine interviews.

“I wasn’t upset it was on TV,” he said. “If anything, I was left without a voice, as far as the publications and what they were saying or talking about, or even how…you saw all this stuff, but what did [I] have to say? Well, no one asked.”

Cameron also said he is happy for Hubbard and Radke and that he hopes their relationship works out. He didn’t rule out a cameo on “Summer House” if the show ever comes calling.

“I mean, yeah. If they were, you know, interested in having me on a ‘Summer House’ for a season or just to stop by and say, what’s up, like, listen, I love the Bravo family, and yeah. I’d make that work,” Cameron said.

Lindsay Hubbard Shared Her Personal Story on Summer House

BravoCarl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard of Summer House.

On the season 6 premiere of “Summer House,” Hubbard opened up about the secret she had been keeping about her relationship with her “Winter House” co-star.

Hubbard explained to Radke that after feeling something was “off” with her body last June, she went to the doctor and found out she was six weeks pregnant with Cameron’s baby. She barely had time to process the news before she suffered the miscarriage two days later.

“I found out on a Monday I was pregnant, and by Tuesday I was having a miscarriage,” Hubbard told Radke. “And by Wednesday I was in the emergency room for five hours.”

“I would have absolutely had this child,” she added. “It’s something I’ve always wanted my entire life, to have a family.”

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Hubbard also said she told Cameron about the pregnancy “within a couple of hours” of her finding out about it, and that he came over to be with her that night and supported her throughout the situation.

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