Kory Keefer Reveals Sam Feher’s Reaction to ‘Winter House’ & Malia White

Winter House season 3 cast

NBCUniversal Winter House season 3 cast

Kory Keefer was somewhat of a taken man when he joined season 3 of “Winter House” as he was dating “Summer House” season 7 star Sam Feher. However, he was hesitant to describe himself in a relationship as he told his housemates that they hadn’t made things official yet.

That opened the door for a couple of his co-stars to express interest in Keefer, “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” star Jordan Emanuel and “Below Deck Mediterranean” alum Malia White. As the show was airing, Keefer spoke about his now-girlfriend Feher’s reaction to the episodes and White and Emanuel showing interest in him.

While speaking on Melissa Pfeister’s podcast “Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister,” the host asked Keefer whether Feher likes White. “She does and not, kind of at the same time,” he replied. “Like she doesn’t hate her but it’s hard to watch some of the flirting because Malia was like, ‘Oh I see him as a brother,’ but then you see her trying to kiss me.”

“So it’s hard to see that,” he added. “Before it aired, they were completely cool and now that it is aired, they’re not like not cool it’s just she has a different view of her, which is completely understandable.” As for Feher and Emanuel, Keefer said the two women didn’t really know each other but that it was the same situation as with White.

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Fans Criticized Kory Keefer & Said He Could Have Been Clearer About His Relationship Status

Some fans criticized Keefer in the comment section of his interview clip posted to Instagram. Several people pointed out that he was responsible for his co-stars thinking he was open to a house romance as he didn’t publicize his relationship. “He’s to blame for not claiming Sam at the time,” someone wrote.

“Sorry he was 🗑️ for not making it clear he was in a relationship when he got there,” another person wrote. “Set the record straight when you were in there making girlfriend the bad person . Your the big flirt,” one person commented.

Malia White & Jordan Emanuel Both Expressed Interest in Kory Keefer & Emanuel Accused White of Kissing Him

During the 3rd season of “Winter House,” Emanuel expressed her intention of going for Keefer, even going so far as to knock on his door one night, although he didn’t answer.

During the November 7 episode of the show, Emanuel got emotional after she witnessed what seemed to be a kiss between White and Keefer. She said she was confused because White encouraged her to pursue Keefer. White, on the other hand, denied kissing Keefer and said she was actually spitting her drink into his mouth.

She explained in a confessional that she really valued her friendship with Emanuel. In fact, she claimed that the moment she learned Emanuel was interested, she friend-zoned herself with Keefer. During an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” on November 14, however, Emanuel claimed that there was a real kiss between Keefer and White that the cameras didn’t see.

Andy Cohen asked her if she considered the moment between Keefer and White to be a kiss and she replied, “That wasn’t actually the moment I was referring to.” Cohen expressed surprise at her response and asked what she was referring to. Emanuel replied, “One the cameras didn’t catch.”

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