Lala Kent Shares Update on Friendship With Ariana Madix & Why It Could Change

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Filming for the 11th season of “Vanderpump Rules” has wrapped and Lala Kent gave some hints about where her friendship with Ariana Madix stands now that the dust on Scandoval has settled.

During the October 25 episode of Kent’s podcast “Give Them Lala,” she responded to a fan’s question asking about the current status of her friendship with Madix. Kent said she thinks the two women have a “great friendship” but “We’ll see what the feels are after the season airs.”

“We’re always open and honest with each other as a cast but then you see things where you’re like wait a minute, pump the brakes here,” she added. “And for some reason, I always say something. Something that doesn’t land right… So I don’t know. Right now, we’re good.”

Kent explained that the Scandoval involving Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval‘s affair was a “bonding experience” for the women of “Vanderpump Rules.” She said a lot of time had passed since the early days of her friendship with Madix and it had cooled off quite a bit in recent years. “But then when you have a common hatred for someone, not saying that we’re there now, the hate part, but when that happened and we were all [angry with] Sandoval, it’s like bonding moment.”

The “Give Them Lala” podcast host went on to share that it was a “weird environment” and “toxic” to have friendships in the reality TV world. “Being on reality TV forces you to have uncomfortable conversations that you don’t want to have but they could also lead to where you should be in a friendship,” she shared.

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Lala Kent Said Fans Might Be Surprised to See Her Stance Toward Some Subjects During Season 11

In the same podcast episode, Kent hinted that her feelings toward Leviss during season 11 might come as a surprise to some fans of the show. While Kent has always feuded with Leviss and was very angry toward her during the “Vanderpump Rules” season 10 reunion, she revealed, “You’re gonna see a lot in season 11 that I don’t think people expect from me ever,” in the context of her feelings toward Leviss.

The former pageant star announced in August 2023 that she wouldn’t be returning to “Vanderpump Rules.” However, Sandoval did return to film, as did his now ex-girlfriend Madix. Kent explained that she’s often either black or white with cast members, either “really really down for somebody” or “ripping their head off” but this season saw her explore more of a gray area. “I don’t want to give a storyline away, but you will see my feelings on how I feel about Raquel,” she concluded.

Fans Criticized Lala Kent Over a Picture of Her Hugging Tom Sandoval

Kent received some heat in August 2023 after a photograph showed her hugging Sandoval during filming for season 11. During an earlier podcast episode, she revealed that she didn’t care at all about the fallout surrounding her hugging him and said she wasn’t reading the critical comments.

Kent asked fans to calm down and said the entire conversation was unproductive, then said, “It’s not like I’m sandwiched between [Jeffrey] Epstein and Harvey [Weinstein] waiting for [Jeffrey] Dahmer to come join in.”

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