Lala Kent Says Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid Kept Making Comments About Her at BravoCon

Lala Kent and MJ Javid.

Heavy/NBCUniversal Lala Kent and MJ Javid.

“Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent shared that former “Shahs of Sunset” personality Mercedes “MJ” Javid let her know she did not like her looks at BravoCon 2023, held during the weekend of November 3.

During the November 7 episode of her podcast, “Give Them Lala,” Kent, who is friends with Javid, said the “Shahs of Sunset” star gave her honest opinions about what she decided to wear at the Las Vegas fan convention. The “Vanderpump Rules” personality stated that she was wearing “Burberry head to toe” during her first interaction with Javid during BravoCon.

“She goes, ‘This is what we chose for the day?’ I was like, ‘What the f*** do you mean?’ She goes, ‘I mean it’s fine. Tomorrow I’m sure you’ll do better.’ And I was like, ‘Yo, you’re a f***** b****,'” said Kent with a laugh.

Kent stated, however, that Javid liked the athletic-inspired look that she wore on the final day of BravoCon 2023.

“MJ rolls up on me and goes, ‘By the way … this was your only good look.’ She goes, ‘I’m your friend. Everyone else lies to you,'” said Kent. “I did call her a See You Next Tuesday. But in a loving way.”

Kent went on to say that she would have found Javid’s comments hurtful if she was not confident.

“This is why I have a giant head because if I didn’t, things like what she said would put me in the grave. I would be sobbing. ‘You’re telling me that this is the only day I look good and I’ve seen thousands of people? Great,'” said Kent.

Lala Kent Spoke About Her Experience at the 2023 BravoCon

During a November 13 Amazon Live, Kent spoke about her experience at the 2023 BravoCon. She shared that she had an enjoyable time when interacting with her fans.

“Meeting you guys was absolutely incredible. And you guys sharing your stories with me, made me feel less alone,” said Kent. 

She noted, however, that she had an unusual experience during a meet-and-greet with a “Vanderpump Rules” fan. The reality television personality, who has been sober since 2018, said an intoxicated woman told her that she inspired her to refrain from drinking.

“She was falling all over the place. Ready to get her picture. And said that I inspired her to get sober. And I was like, ‘Oh no. Do I need to intervene? Is this you trying to have a bonding moment with me?’ But I was like this is by far the craziest interaction I think I’ve ever had with [a fan],” said Kent. 

Lala Kent Defended Tom Sandoval at BravoCon

During a “Vanderpump Rules” panel at the 2023 BravoCon, Kent came to her castmate Tom Sandoval‘s defense. While the cast was on stage, a fan asked why Sandoval had not left Bravo following his affair with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, which led to his March 2023 breakup from Ariana Madix. During the panel, Kent stated that she did not appreciate the audience member’s remark. She also criticized fans who decided to boo Sandoval at the BravoCon panel.

“With everyone really hating on Tom, he still went out, he still performed shows. Life went on. He’s sitting in front of ya’ll while ya’ll boo him. I have to be honest, if I were in his position, I’d tell ya’ll to go f*** off,” said Kent.

While speaking to Us Weekly at BravoCon 2023, Kent shared why she decided to defend Sandoval, who she has previously criticized. She explained that she believes fans should “move on” from his March 2023 cheating scandal.

“I didn’t feel like the punishment is fitting the crime any longer,” said Kent.

The upcoming 11th season of “Vanderpump Rules” premieres in January 2023 on Bravo.