Lindsay Hubbard Releases Statement Amid Criticism for Questioning Carl Radke’s Sobriety

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard.

Heavy/NBCUniversal Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard.

Summer House” star Lindsay Hubbard is giving an explanation for comments she made about her now ex-fiance, Carl Radke, in “Summer House” season 8, episode 2, which aired on February 29, amid criticism.

Us Weekly reported that Hubbard released a statement regarding the situation on her Instagram Stories. In the March 1 social media upload, Hubbard referenced that she suggested she believed Radke was not sober following an argument. As fans are aware, Radke has been open about his past struggles with addiction and has maintained his sobriety for three years.

“After watching back this week’s episode, I wish I had used better wording. I was emotional and hurt by what had transpired earlier in the night, and what I said was meant to be a private conversation at home with one of my best girlfriends [Gabby Prescod],” stated Hubbard.

The 37-year-old also wrote that she had “never questioned [Radke’s] sobriety before this moment.” In addition, the reality television personality stated that she was “his biggest supporter.”

“I have always been transparent on the show about my feelings and have leaned on my friends for support and that was my only intention here,” continued Hubbard.

Us Weekly reported that Hubbard mentioned her heated conversation with her ex-fiance about his sobriety in a February 23 interview with the publication. The 37-year-old stated that “any questioning that [she] had came from love and concern.”  She also explained that she believed Radke was exhibiting “odd behavior.”

“If you’re displaying a little bit of odd behavior, I’m going to start trying to figure out where that odd behavior is coming from. But it’s only because I love you and I’m concerned about you,” said Hubbard.

Carl Radke Reacted to Lindsay Hubbard’s Comments Regarding His Sobriety

During a February 21 E! News interview, Radke stated that he did not appreciate Hubbard’s suggestion he was not sober. He stated that he has been “really proud that, through one day at a time and a lot of work and great support, [he is] three years removed from [alcohol and cocaine].”

The 39-year-old also stated that Hubbard’s remark was a factor in breaking up with Hubbard in September 2023.

“That was something that had gone on before in the relationship. Which is very unfortunate when you’re committing to a life of sobriety and wanting to live with purpose. I think people will understand how difficult that could be,” said Radke.

Radke made similar comments in a February 20 interview with Page Six, alongside his castmate Kyle Cooke. The 39-year-old stated that he felt “uncomfortable” watching the season 8, episode 2 scene. In addition, he stated that he hopes his sobriety “is relatable” to “Summer House” viewers. He explained he would like to “break the stigma around friends that don’t drink or have issues with drugs.”

Danielle Olivera Shared Her Thoughts About Carl Radke & Lindsay Hubbard’s Argument

“Summer House” star Danielle Olivera shared her thoughts about Radke and Hubbard’s argument in “Summer House” season 8, episode 2 on the February 29 episode of ‘Watch What Happens Live.” Olivera stated she “was surprised” with how Hubbard handled the situation.

“She really doubled down on her stance. And I think that if that next morning she might have been like, ‘Listen, I’m sorry I questioned your sobriety. But there’s something different about you right now. We’re not on the same page.’ ‘Cause even I was like why the next morning when you are sober, are you going to say the same thing?” stated Olivera.

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