Madison LeCroy Addresses Living Situation With Husband Brett Randle: ‘I Don’t Know How This Got Twisted’

Brett Randle and Madison LeCroy

Heavy/NBCUniversal Brett Randle and Madison LeCroy.

Madison LeCroy explained her living situation with her husband Brett Randle, and she made it clear they are not a “long-distance” couple despite the fact that he works in California and she works in South Carolina.

During an Amazon Live on September 14, 2023, the “Southern Charm” star told fans she wanted to clarify something about her life with Randle, whom she married in November 2022.

“Let me just jump on here and clarify this,” LeCroy said. “So, my husband and I — I don’t know how this got twisted — we’re not long-distance, OK? He literally just travels for work.”

“So, this is his home,” the Bravo star added of their place in Charleston, South Carolina. “This is where we live. This is our full-time residence. He just goes to work just like everybody [else’s] husband that works out of town, and then he comes right home.”

LeCroy added that she and Randle have no trouble “managing” their separations because they are both focusing on when they are apart. “Honestly, when he’s gone, I’m still working and, you know, we just can’t wait to see each other as soon as he gets back, so there’s really nothing to manage,” she explained.

‘Southern Charm’ Star Taylor Ann Green Described Madison LeCroy & Brett Randle as ‘Doing Long Distance’

Fans first met Randle on the “Southern Charm” season 9 premiere titled, “Vows,  Vendettas and “Vibrators.”

When talking about her new husband, LeCroy revealed that he works as a chief firefighter in California. “It’s a great job, but it’s in California, so he’s gone for about three days, home for eight,” she said in a confessional.

The salon owner added that she goes to extra lengths to make sure the couple’s house in Charleston is homey when her husband gets back to town. “I want to make sure that every time Brett comes home, he feels like I’ve made it special,” LeCroy said. “I’m not kidding you right now, but I’m trying to be Martha Stewart. Like, that is my goal.”

But later in the “Southern Charm” premiere, co-star Taylor Ann Green gifted LeCroy a vibrator for use during her husband’s absences. “Ya’ll are doing long distance,” Green explained of her racy gift to the newlywed.

Randle didn’t hide his confusion and apparent annoyance over the gift. In episode 2, titled “Spilling the JT,” LeCroy was seen tossing Green’s gift in the trash.

Madison LeCroy Loves the New House She Shares With Brett Randle

In April 2022, about six months before her wedding to Randle, LeCroy revealed that they bought a home together in Charleston. The couple paid $1.5 million for the house, according to Reality Blurb.

In an interview with, LeCroy described her idyllic neighborhood as “Pleasantville.” “I literally am living in Pleasantville, like in the best way possible,” she said. “Everyone is just so welcoming. I’ve never been this happy in my life.”

She also revealed that although her husband also owns a house in California, South Carolina is where they plan to settle down with their future kids and her son, Hudson, whom she shares with her ex-husband Josh Hughes.

“I think this is where I want to raise my future children, and I want Hudson to be here. He likes it so much,” she explained of the Southern East Coast locale. “I for sure see us here for at least the next 10 years or longer.”

In April 2023, LeCroy gave a house tour on Amazon Live where she also dished about how she likes things to be perfect when Randle comes home for those week-long stretches. “Every time Brett comes home, I always make sure everything is done and the house is clean so we can just relax,” the ‘Southern Charm” star said.

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