Madison LeCroy Hints at Increased Role in ‘Southern Charm’ Season 9

Madison LeCroy

Bravo Madison LeCroy

On August 2, “Southern Charm” star Madison LeCroy shared a photo revealing one of her confessional looks for the upcoming 9th season of the hit Bravo show and also hinted at a role she might take on this season.

“Next on southern charm,” LeCroy captioned the photo of herself sitting in a bold red dress in front of a green screen with what looked like a script or notes in front of her. The papers in her hand and the caption hinted that LeCroy might be taking on the role of the narrator in the next “Southern Charm” season, at least for part of the season.

“It’s giving Dolly,” one commenter wrote, referencing Dolly Parton, and LeCroy replied, “best compliment ever.” She also confirmed in reply to another commenter that the next season would be coming this fall. “The rightful queen of SC has taken the throne as narrator of the show,” someone else wrote. “YAAAS NARRATOR,” someone else commented.

LeCroy’s post came a day ahead of the release of the “Southern Charm” season 9 trailer, which showed that the fiery reality star will be involved in her fair share of drama and arguments this season.

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Madison LeCroy Was Featured in Many Scenes in the Trailer for ‘Southern Charm’ Season 9

The “Southern Charm” season 9 trailer dropped on August 3 and revealed that the season will premiere on September 14. LeCroy featured a lot in the teaser, including in one serious scene visiting a medical professional as well as some hints of her fighting with ex-boyfriend Austen Kroll.

“Did you f*** Taylor [Green] or not?” LeCroy asked Kroll in one scene, and he replied only, “Madison!” Near the end of the trailer, Kroll appeared to tell LeCroy that she was a “sloppy mess” and “always [has] been” and the hairstylist was quick to clap back.

Elsewhere in the teaser, LeCroy admitted to her husband that she was feeling nauseous and seemed to go to the bathroom to throw up. LeCroy then visited a doctor, who asked about her first pregnancy, when she gave birth to her son Hudson. “I had a pelvic fracture during the delivery,” LeCroy shared.

Madison LeCroy Married Brett Randle in November 2022 & Her Husband Will Be Appearing This Season on ‘Southern Charm’

LeCroy, who got married to Brett Randle in November 2022 ahead of the filming of “Southern Charm” season 9, previously teased that her husband might be appearing on the show. Despite dating and getting engaged during season 8, Randle did not make an appearance in the season.

However, LeCroy said her husband felt that the season wasn’t “that bad” and became more open to the idea, where he was previously uninterested. “The more he saw how the last season came out for me, he was like, ‘OK, it didn’t seem that bad,’” she told Page Six.

She did clarify that if he appeared on the show, it would only be as a “sounding board” for her, and wouldn’t get involved in the cast drama, of which there appears to be no shortage in season 9.

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