Madison LeCroy Weighs in on Craig Conover & Paige DeSorbo’s Relationship

Madison LeCroy, Paige DeSorbo, and Craig Conover.

Getty Madison LeCroy, Paige DeSorbo, and Craig Conover.

“Southern Charm” star Madison LeCroy gave her opinion about her castmate Craig Conover‘s relationship with his girlfriend, “Summer House” personality Paige DeSorbo.

While speaking to Access Hollywood’s “Housewives Nightcap” in November 2023, LeCroy referenced that DeSorbo has appeared apprehensive to wed Conover. The mother of one stated that she believes the couple will eventually get married. She said, however, that she thinks DeSorbo, who resides in New York, is currently focused on her career, which is a trait that Conover appreciates.

“He’s attracted to those types of women. But, like, Paige is New York driven. You know what I mean? She is fast-paced, she is doing her thing. She’s going to do it whether he’s involved or not. And I think it’s almost like he’s kind of poking fun at her [when he brings up marriage]. I think it will eventually happen. But they’re both just knocking it out and being successful. So I don’t know if it’s time to get married,” said LeCroy.

LeCroy went on to say that she “would love to have [DeSorbo] in Charleston full time,” as they have become close friends.

“I have been begging for someone with this kind of, like, personality since I got on this show. I mean, I have [Patricia Altschul] but Patrica can’t come to every single event. So I’m like, ‘Is someone watching this?’ So with Paige’s eye-rolls — are enough for me. So I’m happy she’s on, honestly,” said the 33-year-old.

Austen Kroll Shared His Thoughts About Craig Conover’s Relationship

Conover’s castmate and friend Austen Kroll weighed in on his relationship with DeSorbo in a November 2023 interview with Decider. While speaking to the publication, Kroll noted that DeSorbo and Conover split their time between South Carolina and New York. He stated that he believes “the long distance thing is working for them.” He also explained that “Paige likes to have her space.”

“Craig makes a lot of time to go up [to New York], especially in the summer — he basically lived there — and if that is working for them, then I don’t even know why it’s a question. I don’t know why everyone is poking and prodding as to whether they’re happy or not because she doesn’t want to move to Charleston? So what! They’re not even engaged yet, she doesn’t have to move to Charleston. To me, if it’s working then don’t fix it. And in my opinion, it’s working,” said the reality television star.

Paige DeSorbo Said She’s Not in a Rush to Get Engaged

DeSorbo asserted she was not in a rush for Conover to pop the question during a September 2023 E! News interview. She explained she and the lawyer have “only been dating for two years.” The fashion influencer also stated that she does not want to make any major life changes, like moving, just yet.

“I still like my life the way it is, I don’t want to have a baby yet. I do eventually want a ring. But not right now,” stated the “Summer House” star.

While speaking to Access Hollywood in November 2023, however, DeSorbo stated that she would feel fine if she were to unexpectedly get pregnant.

“If I have a child, I have a child. You know, I’m in my 30’s now, that’s the normal time. I’d be okay with it,” said the Bravo personality.