Madison LeCroy’s Husband Brett Randle Makes His Debut on WWHL

Madison LeCroy and Brett Randle

Bravo Madison LeCroy and Brett Randle.

Madison LeCroy brought her new husband to the Bravo Clubhouse – and he ended up getting some screen time.

The  “Southern Charm” star was a guest on “Watch What Happens Live” on September 21, 2023, and her husband Brett Randle was front and center in the studio audience. Randle wore a baseball cap and hoodie for his first trip to the Bravo late-night show, while LeCroy wore a lime green gown.

LeCroy married Randle in November 2022, after a year-long engagement, but he only appeared on “Southern Charm” for the first time when  eason 9 premiered in September 2023.

Andy Cohen Asked Brett Randle About His Job – And How He Has So Much Money


Fans know very little about Randle. On the “Southern Charm” season 9 premiere, LeCroy revealed that her husband works as a chief firefighter in California and travels home to Charleston, South Carolina for week-long stretches.

According to, LeCroy and Randle bought a house in Charleston a few months before their wedding, but he also owns a home in California.

During LeCroy’s “Watch What Happens Live” appearance, Cohen took a moment to address Randle in the audience. “By the way, so, Brett you’re a fireman,” Cohen said.

“Right. It changes on the week,” Randle replied.

“But how are you so rich?” Cohen then asked.

Randle appeared to be caught off guard by the question, but then replied, “There’s other jobs to do… Investments. Got to be smart with your money.”

Andy Cohen Warned Brett Randle Not to Watch Old Episodes of ‘Southern Charm’

In another WWHL segment, Randle was asked if he has watched past episodes of “Southern Charm,” most notably the seasons when his future wife was dating co-star Austen Kroll.

“No, I’ve never seen it, never seen anything,“ Randle told Cohen.

After LeCroy joked of her man, “Why do you think he’s here?,” the Bravo host said, “I was gonna say don’t watch it, Don’t watch it.”

During the discussion, the spotlight was on Randle again as LeCroy explained why she ultimately invited Kroll to her wedding after-party. “I mean I had to literally let Brett know that I could have a friendship with Austen, that he had nothing to worry about,” she explained. “It was just kind of like ‘this is what we’re dealing’ with and, yeah, that’s exactly what happened. He’s a confident man and he supports our friendship.”

Cohen then turned to Randle and referenced his baseball cap. “You love a big hat, don’t you? … What’s happening under the hat?”

After Randle took off the cap and shook his wavy hair around, LeCroy joked, “He’s bald y’all. Plot twist!”

Cohen also referenced a “Southern Charm” scene in which Kroll shaded Randle after first meeting him. “I thought this guy was going to be like a Greek God. The way that Madison talks about Brett… She’s like, “Oh… he’s so f****** hot. What does this guy have that I don’t have?”

Cohen put Randle on the spot and asked him what he has that Kroll doesn’t have, then answered the question for him: “He has Madison, that’s what he has!” the Bravo host said.

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