Paige DeSorbo & Ciara Miller Dish on Conversation That Left Kyle Cooke in Tears

Kyle Cooke and the "Summer House" cast.

Heavy/NBCUniversal Kyle Cooke and the "Summer House" cast.

“Summer House” stars Paige DeSorbo and Ciara Miller opened up about a tense conversation they had with their castmate, Kyle Cooke.

In a February 19 interview with Page Six, DeSorbo and Miller shared that they confronted Cooke about his treatment of his wife of two years, Amanda Batula. The publication reported that Cooke had mentioned that by the end of the conversation, he was “in tears” in a past Page Six interview.

Miller stated that it is not unusual for Cooke to shed tears. She also said she wanted Cooke to understand his wife’s perspective.

“We didn’t say anything mean. He’s just sensitive. But we were also being insanely honest and try to get him to pull his head out of his [expletive],” said Miller. “And look at the situation from an objective standpoint. Like, this is your wife.”

Miller also suggested that Cooke has been focusing all of his attention on his business, Loverboy.

“I think sometimes he can’t help but think of everything that he has going on in his life and I’m like, ‘Kyle you need to take a minute and like you’re married now. You are responsible for another person now. And like this is your wife. Put Loverboy down for a minute. Put your own goals and your own dreams, whatever, down for just a second. And look at the situation collectively,'” advised Miller.

DeSorbo interjected that Cooke’s “emotions took over a little bit” during their “Summer House” season 8 conversation.

Paige DeSorbo & Ciara Miller Stated That They Want to Help Kyle Cooke & Amanda Batula’s Relationship

While speaking to Page Six, DeSorbo explained that Cooke and Batula had tension when filming the upcoming 8th season of “Summer House.” The “Southern Charm” personality also stated her close friendship with the couple has allowed her to feel comfortable to freely state her opinions about their relationship.

Miller also clarified that she and DeSorbo “listened to Kyle a lot this summer” about his marriage. She stated that she believed Batula and Cooke “both have valid points.”

“The goal is always to bring them together and not separate them more,” said the model. “I think Kyle’s more stubborn and Amanda has her way of doing things. She has her own way. So we’re trying to bridge that gap.”

DeSorbo also shared that she believed Batula and Cooke “are a great couple.” In addition, she suggested the couple’s tension stems from the fact that they are constantly in each other’s presence, as they both work for Loverboy.

Ciara Miller Discussed Confronting Amanda Batula

In the trailer for the upcoming season of “Summer House,” Miller is seen asking Batula if she believes she has “an identity outside of Kyle.” During a February 2024 interview on “New York Live,” alongside DeSorbo, Miller said she did not intend to be “harsh” with the graphic designer.

“We’re all friends. And I feel like if your friends aren’t critical of you in some type of way — and it’s constructive criticism. It’s not like I’m out to get her or anything,” said Miller.

She also asserted that she loves the couple and wanted to be honest with Batula.

Paige DeSorbo Discussed Her Relationship With Craig Conover

DeSorbo discussed filming the 8th season of “Summer House” with Conover in the “New York Live” interview. She stated that she did not find shooting a Bravo series with her significant other challenging.

“It all feels normal,” said DeSorbo.

Miller jokingly chimed in “Craig doesn’t really want to be around us that much.”

Conover discussed navigating his long-distance relationship with DeSorbo in a September 2023 interview on the “Chicks in the Office” podcast. He said that he and DeSorbo often spend time together despite living in different states.

“It’s only an hour flight [from Charleston to New York]. We’re never really apart,” said Conover.

The “Southern Charm” star stated, however, that DeSorbo does not mind when they are away from each other.

“She gets like two or three days to herself and she’s very open about being like, ‘I like those days,'” said Conover.