Vanderpump Rules Star Reveals There Was a ‘Dead Giveaway’ of Raquel Leviss’ Affair With Tom Sandoval

Tom Sandoval

Heavy/NBCUniversal Tom Sandoval of "Vanderpump Rules."

Lala Kent revealed she missed a major clue in the shocking cheating scandal between Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval.  The  “Vanderpump Rules”  co-stars’ months-long affair was uncovered in early March, TMZ reported. Sandoval and his longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix ended their nearly 10-year relationship over the affair.

While speaking on her “Give Them Lala” podcast on March 22, 2023, Kent revealed she missed a big red flag while on a girls’ trip with Leviss and co-stars Katie Maloney and Kristina Kelly.

During the trip, Kelly noticed that Leviss brought a galaxy night light to her hotel room for the trip to Lake Havasu, Arizona. In a confessional, Kelly said she only knows one other person with that type of galaxy light: a three-year-old girl. Leviss also heard the other three women making fun of her “projector”-style nightlight behind her back.

Lala Kent Revealed the Galaxy Light is Significant

On her podcast, Kent admitted that the nightlight in Leviss’ room should have been a major tipoff. “By the way, those lights should have been the first giveaway,” Kent told guests Logan Noh and Leo DeMarsh. “The only time I start adopting a man’s behavior is if I start f***ing them,” she added. “The lights, dead giveaway.”

Kent’s guests agreed that Sandoval has a penchant for similar “starry night” lights.

According to, on the “Vanderpump Rules” premiere in February 2023, Sandoval talked about putting a “starry night” light in his bar, Schwartz & Sandy’s.

On her pod, Kent added that it seemed “strange” that Leviss strung lights in her hotel room after a night of heavy drinking. “This girl thought she could microwave freaking tinfoil and you’re telling me she’s throwing up Christmas lights all over her room in 20 minutes? I’m intrigued,” Kent said.

In addition to the galaxy light, sometime in 2022, Leviss began wearing a lightning bolt necklace that matches one that Sandoval wears, per People.

There Were A lot of Other Clues Missed

Tom Sandoval Peter Madrigal

BravoTom Sandoval wears his necklace on “Vanderpump Rules.”

Kent isn’t the only one who missed clues about the affair.  On the March 15, 2023 episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” Katie Maloney revealed that she found out that Leviss had been going to some of Sandoval’s band’s shows on the sly.

“I had seen that Raquel had attended one of [Sandoval’s] shows [alone],” Maloney said. “Normally, she’s up front with her phone in his face, jumping up and down … She didn’t post at all on her story that she was there.”

In addition, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, former co-star Jax Taylor revealed that he saw Sandoval and Leviss together last fall– without Madix. “The last time I saw [Sandoval] was at Labor Day,” Taylor said on March 21, 2023. “We were at an event in Orange County, which is a couple hours drive from our house, and he was there with Raquel. …Things are starting to add up, like, wait a minute, I just didn’t think of it at the time and now looking back, it’s just kind of like, oh, I just didn’t I didn’t think about it.”

And two days before the affair was unearthed, Leviss and Scheana Shay were guests on “Watch What Happens Live” where they were asked which Tom was “hotter”: Sandoval or his best friend Schwartz, the latter of whom Leviss had said she had a crush on. But Leviss surprised everyone by saying Sandoval was the hotter of the two men.

On the March 6, 2023, episode of Sirius XM’s “Andy Cohen Live,” Bravo host Andy Cohen revealed that when they went to commercial break, Shay even questioned Leviss’ surprising answer.

“I guess Scheana’s antenna was up,” Cohen said. “Scheana said to Raquel, ‘You know, I only picked Sandoval because I knew that you were gonna pick Schwartz.’ And Raquel said, ‘Well, Sandoval has abs,’ and kind of shrugged.”

Cohen admitted he thought the exchange was odd.

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