Scheana Shay Addresses Rumors About Her Behavior Toward Fans at BravoCon

Scheana Shay at BravoCon 2023.

NBCUniversal Scheana Shay at BravoCon 2023.

“Vanderpump Rules” star Scheana Shay addressed rumors about her behavior toward fans at the 2023 BravoCon, held the weekend of November 3.

While recording the November 17 episode of her podcast, “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay,” Shay said she was aware rumors have been circulating that she made fans purchase a physical copy of her album, “Good As Gold,” before they could take a picture with her. She stated that while her album was up for sale at the Las Vegas convention, she did not require BravoCon attendees to purchase it before posing with her for a photo.

“I saw a bunch of rumors though that people were like, ‘Oh is it true that you wouldn’t take photos with anyone unless they bought a vinyl? How could you make people pay for photos?’ And I’m like, ‘Hold up, let’s just clear that up,'” said Shay.

The mother of one asserted that she was “taking photos with everyone, everywhere” at BravoCon.

“We do the photos ops where people just line up. They get their photos. It’s a very quick meet and greet. When I spent my time in the booth [selling records], I, obviously, was prioritizing people who bought vinyls and wanted them signed. And I was taking photos with them. And then anytime I had left over before I had to get to the next panel, or whatever, I would stop. I would take photos,” said Shay.

Shay noted, however, that she was not always able to take pictures with fans during the convention.

“We’re being ushered with security to get from point A to point B as quick as possible. They don’t let me stop. And I will never say no to a photo. And anyone who has ever met me knows that I say yes to everything. So it’s like I’m having my team and security literally pulling me away. And I’m like, ‘Wait, wait, wait, photo, photo!'” said the “Vanderpump Rules” personality.

Scheana Shay Went to Tom Sandoval’s Room During BravoCon

During the weekend of BravoCon 2023, Shay admitted that she attended an afterparty in her castmate, Tom Sandoval‘s hotel room. As fans are aware, Shay ended her friendship with Sandoval because of his affair with former “Vanderpump Rules” star Rachel “Raquel” Leviss during his relationship with his now ex-girlfriend, Ariana Madix.

While speaking to Access Hollywood’s “Housewives Nightcap” on the BravoCon 2023 red carpet, alongside Shay, her husband, Brock Davies, clarified that he and his wife did not purposefully visit Sandoval’s room. He explained that they did not know who was hosting the afterparty. Shay also stated that she confronted Sandoval for his remarks regarding Madix while at the event.

“There were conversations I had with Tom Sandoval about some things that he said about Ariana that I did not like,” said Shay.

Madix shared she believes Shay’s decision to spend time in Sandoval’s hotel room was “weird” in an Us Weekly interview at BravoCon 2023. However, during a November 2023 Access Hollywood interview, Madix stated that she and Shay “are good” following the Las Vegas fan convention.

Lala Kent Shared Her Thoughts About Scheana Shay Stopping by Tom Sandoval’s Room

While filming a November 2023 Amazon Live, Shay’s friend and castmate, Lala Kent, shared her thoughts about Shay visiting Sandoval’s suite in Las Vegas. Kent stated that she believes people should be able to “do whatever [they] want to go and do.”

“If you want to be in someone’s room, if you don’t want to be in someone’s room. You want to defend this person, not defend this person. Be angry still, you do you,” said the “Give Them Lala” author.

She clarified that she thinks individuals need to be prepared to be held accountable for their actions.

“Everyone is going to have to take accountability, right? Acknowledge that ‘We’ve moved on, we haven’t moved on.’ I think that’s what it’s about. Being able to co-sign on your actions in the moment,” said Kent.

“Vanderpump Rules” season 11 premieres in January 2024 on Bravo.

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