Shep Rose & Taylor Ann Green Spotted Together at Andy’s Legends Ball During BravoCon

Shep Rose Taylor Ann Green Legends Ball

Bravo Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green were together at Andy's Legends Ball.

“Southern Charm” stars Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green reunited at BravoCon, but it did not look like a happy reunion — at least not early in the weekend. The two were spotted in what appeared to be a tense conversation during the taping of “Andy’s Legends Ball” at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on October 14, 2022.

Rose and Green confirmed their breakup in July 2022 after two years of dating, amid rumors that Rose cheated. When the former couple first reunited to tape the “Southern Charm” season 8 reunion later this summer, Green went off on Rose. At one point, she told her ex, “You used me!” She also accused Rose of sleeping with “over 300 whores.” “Like, I was the whore that stuck around for long enough,” she said.

Still, Green admitted to host Andy Cohen that she still loves Rose, and Rose responded, “I’ll always love Taylor. Always.”

Shep Rose & Taylor Ann Green Appeared to Be Having a Difficult Conversation While at Andy’s Legends Ball

Taylor Ann Green Shep Rose

HeavyTaylor Ann Green and Shep Rose were seen talking at the Legends Ball.

In October 2022, Rose and Taylor reunited at BravoCon in New York City, along with many of their “Southern Charm” castmates, just one day after the explosive season 8 reunion aired on Bravo.  Heavy was on site at the fanfest, and spotted Rose, who was sitting on his own at first, move over to sit next to his ex-girlfriend during the taping for “Andy’s Legends Ball.”  Rose had been sitting nowhere near Green before he moved beside her.

One of our sources saw Green wipe a tear from her eye as the two engaged in what appeared to be a difficult conversation.  Rose looked defeated as Green became upset, Heavy’s source noted. The two were talking for about 20 minutes.

Earlier at BravoCon, Rose addressed his relationship with Green, saying the split has been “really hard” on them both. “Everybody copes differently,” the 42-year-old “Southern Charm” star said. “We are starting to get to a nice place, I hope. We’ve broken the ice a little bit. But it’s been very hard.”

Taylor Ann Green Originally Thought She Would Reconcile With Shep Rose

Green also opened up about her split from Rose during the BravoCon weekend. While speaking to Us Weekly, the 27-year-old admitted that she initially thought she would eventually get back together with Rose.

“I always had that thought in my head that maybe if he was working on himself and doing things that we would have a conversation [about] ending up back together,” she said. “But that’s not the case.”

“We had a conversation when we first separated where I was like, ‘Here’s some things I want you [to work on]. I’m gonna try to push you, drive you and challenge you to do these things.’ And I found out he was doing quite the opposite,” she added. “So that in itself was just a turn-off for me.”

Rose has been vocal about his fear of commitment and that he has no interest in marriage because he is afraid of being the first person in his family to get a divorce. But he has also admitted that he likes his freedom.

“I think a lot of my trepidation comes from selfishness, quite frankly, and being able to move at a moment’s notice and go wherever I want,” he told Entertainment Tonight in 2021. “Or flirt or whatever, innocently flirt and stuff like that. That’s scared me.”

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