Craig Conover Thinks ‘Southern Charm’ Exes Could Get Back Together

Craig Conover

Heavy/NBCUniversal Craig Conover.

Craig Conover said the relationship between two of his  “Southern Charm ” co-stars may not be over for good.

During a September 2023 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” the Bravo star opened up about the relationship between his close friend Shep Rose and Rose’s ex, Taylor Ann Green. Rose and Green split in July 2022 after two years of dating.  During the season 8 reunion, Rose admitted he cheated on Green.

The messy aftermath of their split has begun to play out on the 9th season of “Southern Charm,” but Conover hinted there’s a lot more for viewers to see.

Craig Conover Said Shep Rose & Taylor Ann Green ‘Can’t Stay Away from Each Other’

Conover addressed the situation while answering fan questions on “Watch What Happens Live.” When asked if he thinks Rose and Green will ever get to a place where they can be friends again, the Sewing Down South founder gave a surprising answer.

“I mean, I always,  I wonder if they’ll ever get back together,” Conover replied. “That’s like the thing, you know, it seems like whenever they’re around each other, it’s they just can’t seem to stay away from each other.”

“I think the reunion this year is going to be very very crazy,” he added. “I just think the reunion will answer that question. We’ll see what their attitude towards each other is, if they’re crying, if they’re not.  I mean you get to see Shep cry a couple times [this season]. He doesn’t cry usually, like he doesn’t show feelings, and this year he’s put in a very weird spot, and people that never thought they’d feel sympathy towards Shep are gonna be teased with it and be like ‘what am I feeling right now?’”

This isn’t the first time that Conover has hinted at unresolved feelings between the exes. In an interview with Us Weekly, he said he wasn’t sure whether Rose and Green were over each other.

“I know that Shep will always have deep feelings for her, and she’ll probably always have deep feelings for him,” Conover told the magazine. “And hanging out with your ex probably isn’t the answer. So, Charleston doesn’t allow you space, so we’ll see.”

Craig Conover Said Viewers Will See Shep Rose in a New Way This Season on ‘Southern Charm’

NBCUMVShep Rose and Craig Conover

Complicating matters is a rumored fling Green allegedly had with co-star Austen Kroll following her split from Rose. Kroll is one of Rose’s best friends, which puts this triangle in Scandoval territory.

In August 2023, Conover told the “It’s Complicated” podcast that “Southern Charm” will “navigate some really weird water” this season. “Shep, you’ll see him be in a position he hasn’t been in before,” Conover said.

In a September 2023 interview with Hollywood Life, Rose said he still cares about Green “a lot” and would do anything for her.

“I’m still close with her parents,” the “Southern Charm” star added. “I text with her mom every now and then, and I text with Taylor, too. She’s a big reason of the mosaic of who I am. She’s a major piece of that quilt, you know, and I respect that and love that. I would never turn my back on her. I would give her the zebra shirt off my back.”

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