Tom Schwartz Teases Upgrade to His Living Situation

Tom Schwartz

Heavy/NBCUniversal Tom Schwartz.

 Tom Schwartz gave fans a major life update. The “Vanderpump Rules” star revealed that he “rebranded” his cluttery Los Angeles apartment since viewers saw it last season in the Bravo reality show.

On the 10th season of “Vanderpump Rules,” Schwartz, 41, called his tiny apartment “depressing” as he stalled with unpacking his belongings and decorating. In one scene, fans saw stacks of boxes, a bedframe with no mattress, and clothes on the floor as Schwartz awkwardly welcomed Scheana Shay into his pad to record her podcast. At the time, Schwartz admitted he was “so embarrassed” by his place and told Shay, “It’s depressing.”

But while speaking with People magazine in November 2023, the Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner gave an update on his living situation. “It’s no longer the depression chamber. I’ve rebranded,” he said.

“My TV in the living room is no longer on the floor,” the bar owner said. “I have a nightstand or a chic TV stand. It’s still giving midlife crisis post-divorce vibes, but it’s a lot cozier in there. I think I wouldn’t be ashamed to bring someone in there anymore.”

Schwartz added that he does have plans to move eventually. “It’s now my $4,000 a month storage unit that I’m temporarily living in until I either buy a new house or get a new apartment,” he said of his current space. “So that’s how I look at it now.”

Katie Flood Roasted Tom Schwartz’s Décor

Schwartz’ mention of how his TV used to sit on the floor comes days after his “Winter House” co-star Katie Flood called him out for his bachelor-style décor in an Instagram comment.

In November 2023, Schwartz posted a video for Furbo that included a lot of footage of his apartment. In the clip,  he showed his life at home with his dogs, Gordo and Butters. Schwartz’s flat-screen TV and a speaker were seen propped on the floor in the background of the video.

After “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” star Jordan Emmanuel commented, “This is the most you/unhinged Instagram post I’ve ever seen,” Flood chimed in with, “It’s the tv on the floor for me.”

Schwartz had a brief romance with Flood while filming “Winter House” earlier in 2023.

Tom Schwartz Was Initially ‘Salty’ About His Living Situation

Before moving into his apartment in June 2022, Schwartz owned a spacious, 4-bedroom Valley Village, California home with his ex-wife, Katie Maloney. Not long after their move out, Schwartz spoke out about the downsize on Maloney’s Dear Media podcast, “You’re Gonna Love Me. “I don’t need much. I’m low maintenance,” he said. “I can live in a small, little apartment.”

“It’s just, living in a small, little apartment that you have to pay $3,500 a month for? It’s hard not to be salty,” he added. “You know what I mean? It’s smaller than my apartment in college.”

Schwartz noted that while he likes his apartment, it was “just hard to go from what we had to that.”  “I’m back in an apartment complex, which, everyone’s lovely, by the way,” he added of his new neighborhood.  “But it’s like I’m tiptoeing around on my floor.”

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