DWTS Duo Would Have Split if They Weren’t Married


Heavy Wedding rings.

Dancing With the Stars” alum Alexa PenaVega revealed that her relationship with Carlos PenaVega probably would not have survived if they weren’t married.

In a November 2023 interview with Us Weekly, the DWTS season 21 alum talked about a rocky period in her relationship with Carlos, whom she married in 2014 after meeting him in a Bible study group.

“I’ve always told people, I’m like, ‘The truth is marriage is this beautiful, holy thing. It’s a sacred thing. And you go through bumps,’” Alexa said. “There was a time in our marriage where if we were not married, we would have broken up.”

She added that the “beauty” of marriage is the opportunity to fix things instead of throwing in the towel. “You fight through it, you fix it, you work on it. And I feel like we’re stronger than ever because of those bumps. Even though they were hard seasons, we pushed through, and we soared,” she said.

Carlos PenaVega Said His Wife’s 4th Pregnancy Has Been Hard on Their Marriage

The PenaVegas are expecting their fourth child in 2024. According to People, the couple, who jointly competed on DWTS 2015,  welcomed their first child, a son named Ocean, in 2016. In July 2019, their second son, Kingston James PenaVega, was born. And in 2021, their daughter Rio Rey made her entrance into the world.

Given all of their experience in the pregnancy department, the two know the drill. Elsewhere in the interview with Us, Carlos went so far as to say that his wife’s pregnancy is not easy on him or their marriage.

“She’s my best friend,” he said. “So, I always say, “Listen, a nine-month pregnancy is tough on the wives, but it’s definitely tough on the husband.’ You lose your best friend. And then not only in those nine months, but after those nine months, she’s still gone for a little bit.”

After Carlos claimed that everyone is “making sacrifices” during his wife’s pregnancy, she agreed. “He really does have to give up a lot,’” she said. “Husbands do have to give up a lot.”

Back when she was navigating her first pregnancy in 2018, Alexa posted to Facebook to share that “sometimes pregnancy can feel lonely.” “Trying to explain how you feel… what you are going through… it’s hard for people to truly understand.” She wrote. The “Spy Kids” alum rattled off a list of pregnancy ailments such as nausea and “leaky boobs,” then expressed gratitude for being pregnant at the same time as one of her close friends.

Alexa PenaVega Explained How She & Her Husband Balance Work With Family

Three kids later – and one more on the way – the couple has mastered the family balancing act. In an interview with KTLA (per The Messenger), Alexa said she and her husband are careful to make sure one of them is home with the kids when the other is working.

“We don’t take projects at the same time,” Alexa said. “If they conflict by two weeks that’s fine, but anything more than that we don’t split up our family because the industry was not set up for families or marriage.”

“We’ve seen too many people break apart. We’ve seen too many families fall apart,'” she added.

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