Britt Stewart & Daniel Durant Confident a Wedding Will Be ‘Part of Our Story’

Daniel Durant & Britt Stewart

Heavy/Getty Daniel Durant and Britt Stewart are confident in their future together.

Throughout season 31 of “Dancing with the Stars,” fans could see the sparks flying between partners Britt Stewart and Daniel Durant. Their dance partnership did not turn romantic while they were competing. However, it did not take long after doing DWTS that they were officially dating.

The pair have known one another for a year at this point. In a recent interview, the “Dancing with the Stars” professional dancer talked about their relationship and their confidence they will get married at some point.

Here’s what you need to know:

Britt Stewart & Daniel Durant Aren’t Engaged, Yet

Stewart talked with The Messenger about the future she anticipates with her former “Dancing with the Stars” partner. She noted it “Is so crazy that we met a year ago,” and she praised her beau for how he has been “So extremely supportive through this new season.”

For season 32, Stewart is partnered with pro football player Adrian Peterson. The casting of Peterson has generated backlash from some fans. Luckily, Stewart’s partner has had her back.

Durant and Stewart recently moved into their first new place together, a development she shared on Instagram. Stewart noted the move has been “an amazing thing to do.” Stewart gushed, “To see our relationship bloom has been so amazing.” Naturally, she credits “Dancing with the Stars” for her relationship. “It really brought us together and we’re so grateful because we don’t know how we would have met otherwise.”

Although Stewart and Durant are not currently engaged, the “Dancing with the Stars” pro noted the two are “just so committed” to each other. She may not be engaged quite yet, but Stewart said, “We do know that eventually that will be part of our story.”

“We know that we found our person in this lifetime,” Stewart noted.

DWTS Fans Adore Stewart & Durant As a Couple

Stewart and Durant may not be making formal wedding plans yet, but they have considered what they want for their big day.

“Half of our guests would be hearing and the other half would be deaf,” the “Dancing with the Stars” pro detailed. Stewart went on to explain,” So we want everybody who will be there to celebrate to enjoy it with us and to be invited into our lives.”

The couple has given a great deal of thought to “What it will be like to bring both of our worlds together.” Stewart admitted, “We have no idea when this is happening, right now we’re dreaming.” Despite that, Stewart and Durant know a wedding is “Something that we want in our lives.”

“Dancing with the Stars” fans have been consistent and vocal about their adoration for this romance. After Stewart’s recent interview was released, the pair’s supporters took to the show’s subreddit to discuss it.

“If they get engaged in the near future that will be so beautiful to hear. They make a beautiful couple always wishing them the best together,” one Redditor shared.

Stewart saying she and Durant had “found our person in this lifetime” in one another hit some fans in the feels. “Britt, just punch me straight in the heart with the feels why don’t you? It’s fine, I’m fine. I’m not sobbing over here or anything,” admitted another Redditor.

“I’ve had many favorite moments through the past 32 seasons of DWTS, but this one is hard to beat. Soulmates,” gushed someone else.

“Beautiful love story! Wow, that makes me misty eyed,” read a separate Reddit comment.