Derek Hough’s Fiancee Hayley Erbert Teases Becoming a ‘Runaway Bride’

Hayley Erbert and Derek Hough

Getty Hayley Erbert and Derek Hough attend an event.

“Dancing with the Stars” fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming wedding of judge Derek Hough and his fiancee and former “DWTS” troupe member, Hayley Erbert. A recent Instagram post shared by Erbert teased a potential change in plans, and the “DWTS” judge was quick to respond.

Hough and Erbert are slated to tie the knot in August, and not long ago, they celebrated the anniversary of their engagement. As serious as the wedding planning may be, “Dancing with the Stars” fans know the long-time pair tend to tease one another and joke around frequently. That was definitely the case when Erbert suggested she might become a runaway bride rather than walk down the aisle to tie the knot.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hayley Erbert Had a ‘Plan’ for Her Big Getaway

On June 28, Erbert took to her Instagram page to share a pair of very unique photos. The former “Dancing with the Stars” dancer was wearing a wedding dress and a veil, but she was not in a place where fans might expect to see a bride. Instead, Erbert was riding an electric surfboard, seemingly in the ocean. In her caption, she teased, “Runaway bride.. on an eFoil,” which is the name of the contraption she was riding. The second photo was similar to the first, but it was edited to add some sparkle and a boat was in the water behind her.

“Omg this is so you!!” teased “Dancing with the Stars” professional dancer Emma Slater.

Derek Hough Admitted He’d Be Impressed

Naturally, Hough commented on his fiancee’s Instagram post. As is fairly typical of the “Dancing with the Stars” judge, he leaned on his sense of humor in his response. “If you ran away like this I would be sad, and then be like ‘dayum, that’s impressive.'” Nearly 400 fans “liked” Hough’s comment on Erbert’s post, and several added comments signaling their love for his witty remark. Erbert did not share any additional context or behind-the-scenes glimpses of how or why she had this photo taken, but fans seemed to get a kick out of it regardless.

“This is how you two should leave your wedding,” one person suggested.

“Lol love this definition of cold feet,” added someone else.

“You’re giving me ideas for my 35th wedding anniversary lol,” commented another fan.

Many of the comments questioned Erbert regarding how the photo was taken, although she did not reply to any of those questions. Some “Dancing with the Stars” begged her not to become a runaway bride, and many others thought the stunt was “epic” and impressive.

While Erbert was teasing her temptation to become a runaway bride, Hough was off filming a somewhat secret “passion project.” Once he’s home, he’ll likely be working with Erbert to fine-tune the final wedding details, and this fall, the newlyweds will be going on tour together. Hough has hyped the upcoming “Symphony of Dance” tour, which begins in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 28. The tour will hit nearly 60 cities and end on December 23. Somehow, in addition to all of that, Hough will be back as a judge on season 32 of “Dancing with the Stars” in the fall as well.