DWTS Fans Want A-List Athlete & Significant Other For Season 31 Cast

Getty Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski

“Dancing With the Stars” fans are clamoring for a high-profile athlete and his girlfriend to join the season 31 cast.

Here is what the fans are saying about retiring professional football player Rob Gronkowski as a possible cast member alongside his longtime girlfriend Camille Kostek.

Fans Want Gronk & His Girlfriend to Appear on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

When Gronk announced his retirement on Instagram on June 21, the DWTS Gossip Twitter account, which has over 15,000 followers and is a favorite among fans, encouraged “Dancing With the Stars” to give him a call.

One fan wrote, “He has so much free time in the fall now” and tagged DWTS Gossip, to which DWTS Gossip replied, “Call him @officialdwts.”

The idea picked up steam in a Reddit thread, with one fan writing, “ob Gronkowski has announced his retirement, again (for now). Do you think we could see him next season? I know his girlfriend, model Camille Kostek, has said before that she wants to do the show. Maybe a package deal to get him on?”

There was actually a rumor in 2018 that Gronk and Camille would be joining season 28 of the show, but that did not come to pass — however, Camille did confirm to Hollywood Life in May 2022 that she was in talks at one point to join the dancing competition series.

Camille said she “had an interview” about joining “Dancing With the Stars” and she was “really, really hoping it was going to happen.”

“You just never know until they do the final casting. You never know if it’s going to be your spot,” said the TV personality, adding, “I’m still kind of crossing my fingers that that day will come. I would love to be able to be challenged in that way. I have a classically trained background in dance, but I don’t know ballroom, I don’t know classical, I don’t know Foxtrot, I don’t know partner dancing, I don’t know lifts. It would be such a challenge still.”

Camille also cited former host Erin Andrews as being such an inspiration for her.

“Her flare, her personality just shines and then I loved watching her through her seasons on ‘Dancing with the Stars,'” said Camille.

In the Reddit thread, fans say they would love to see those two on the show.

One fan calls it “a fantastic casting that would draw ratings,” adding, “Gronk is very charismatic, and Camille is a firecracker. Sign em up, we need celebrities with heart this season.”

Another fan wrote, “This would be really good, honestly. And I’d love to see another couple competing against each other. I feel like they would really have fun with it too.”

Maybe the Show Should Ask Gronk & Camille to Host


Maybe Camille or Gronk (or both!) would be interested in hosting “Dancing With the Stars” because there is a report that host Tyra Banks is on her way out. They both have hosting experience — Camille is the current host of ABC’s “Wipeout” and NBC’s “Dancing With Myself” and Gronk co-hosted the 2022 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in April 2022.

An April 2022 report from The Sun said that amidst executive producer and showrunner Andrew Llinares stepping down from the show in March 2022, Banks, the host he brought in to replace longtime host Tom Bergeron and co-host Erin Andrews after they were fired in 2020, is also on her way out the door.

“There is no official decision on who will be hosting next season, but it doesn’t look like Tyra will be back. Which would be a network decision, not her decision,” a source told The Sun, adding, “Production has been a mess, with no clear direction of where [the show] was going, which is why certain producers have been axed in recent months. … ‘Dancing With the Stars’ has always operated like a family behind the scenes. And when new execs and producers came in a couple seasons ago, that family got broken. It hasn’t been the same show and everyone involved with it feels that to some degree. So it’s been an unhappy environment the past few seasons.”

News broke on June 27 via Variety that “Dancing With the Stars” is bringing back its former executive producer Conrad Green. Bergeron praised the move, calling it the “best decision” the show has made “since 2005, when they hired him the first time.”

He also said in a tweet a few weeks ago when the Green rumor was first reported by Deadline that Green is a classy guy and this could greatly improve the show going forward as it moves to Disney Plus.

“Conrad is a class act,” wrote Bergeron. “Whatever the show becomes going forward, if he’s at the helm, it may yet have spring in it’s step.”

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for its 31st season this fall on Disney Plus.

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And here’s me thinking “a-list athlete and his girlfriend” was referring to Tom Brady and Gronk…

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