Harry Jowsey Admits He’s ‘Dreading’ Joining DWTS Live Tour

Harry Jowsey

Heavy/Getty/ABC Harry Jowsey.

Harry Jowsey is getting nervous about joining the “Dancing With the Stars”  live tour. The “Too Hot to Handle” star will join his DWTS partner Rylee Arnold and several other pros on the DWTS Live 2024 tour from February 20 to March 26, according to the DWTS Live Tour website.

But in a January 2024 interview, Jowsey admitted he’s not looking forward to his month-long guest role— because he still can’t dance!

Jowsey will follow mirrorball trophy winner Xochitl Gomez and “Bachelorette” star Charity Lawson with the longest guest stint on the tour. Jowsey kicks off his run in Florida and will perform in multiple cities, ending in Los Angeles.

Here’s what you need to know:

Harry Jowsey Said He’d Rather Watch the DWTS Show Than Be In It

In December 2023, Jowsey seemed positive about joining the tour.  While speaking on the “Lightweights” podcast, the reality star said he said he was excited to work with all of the DWTS dancers.

But he added, “I think I’m more excited to meet the people that watch the show. Like, I love all the dancers and I love spending time with them… but the main reason was there’s gonna be all these people that watch the show that I’ve never met before. And I just wanna meet as many people as I can and also travel to random cities that I’ve never been to.”

More recently, Jowsey, 26,  spoke out about his lack of dance prowess in an interview with People magazine. While lamenting about his commitment to the live performances, he joked about his reputation on the dance floor.

“I’m like, ‘Guys, can I be in the crowd and watch the show?’ But apparently, I have to be in it,” he cracked to the outlet. “I’m kind of dreading when they ask me to rehearse, but I’m sure it won’t be that long, but I’m sure I’ll just have to walk out and be like, ‘Hey guys, I’m a tree trunk. Goodbye.’”

Jowsey’s “tree trunk” comment refers to a critique given to him by guest judge Billy Porter last season on “Dancing With the Stars.” Porter noted that Jowsey barely moved as Arnold danced around him during their routine. “Harry, you can loosen up a little bit and you can challenge yourself to do more steps now and not just be a tree trunk for her to use and abuse,” Porter said during the Whitney Houston theme night.

Harry Jowsey has Joked About the ‘Tree Trunk’ Comment Multiple Times

Jowsey joked about the “tree trunk” comment instead of getting upset by it. During rehearsals soon after Porter’s crtique, Jowsey wore a white t-shirt emblazoned with the words “Tree Trunk” on it. In November 2023, he posted a photo of the shirt during camera blocking according to The Sun.

He also told the “Lightweights” podcast that he joked about it to choreographer Mandy Moore about it. “Mandy Moore is doing the whole tour, like she’s choreographing it and I was like, ‘Yeah I could just be a tree trunk in the back,’” he joked. “Like I know I can’t dance.”

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