Kym Herjavec’s Twins Enjoy Snowy Day in Canada: VIDEO

Kym and Robert Herjavec

Getty Kym and Robert Herjavec.

Kym Johnson-Herjavec’s 4-year-old twins are having a blast in Canada – and so is her husband.

The former “Dancing With the Stars” pro dancer, her husband, “Shark Tank” star Robert Herjavec, and their twin son and daughter, Hudson Robert and Haven Mae, spent the holidays in Canada, where they were lucky enough to have a white Christmas.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kym & Robert Herjavec Took Their Kids Sledding

While in Canada, the Herjavecs shared multiple Instagram videos of their snowy adventures on Instagram. On December 28, 2022, Kym Herjavec posted a video of her kids sledding in deep snow. In the clip, her daughter could be seen slowly sliding down a hill with one of the family’s dogs running behind her. Dad Robert was heard playfully screaming, “I’m gonna get you Haven!” to his daughter. Little Hudson was shown playing in a snow bank.

Kym captioned the video to tease who was having the best time playing on the snowy day. “I know who’s having the most fun in the snow!! @robertherjavec,” the former mirrorball champion wrote of her 60-year-old husband.

Fans reacted to the video in the comment section.

“At first glance, thought this was a clip out of a movie. It’s so beautiful. And I love that Robert is calling out to your daughter. So cute,” one follower wrote to Kym.

“They are really loving all that snow -Very blessed,” another wrote.

Kym posted another video that showed Robert speeding down a hill and falling off a snowmobile-style sled as she laughed in the background.

Robert also shared a look at a cozy, rustic house and then a video of one of the couple’s dogs traipsing through the deep snow to get to the home. “Winter Wonderland! Encountered a fierce animal navigating the snow!” he wrote.

Robert Herjavec Spent Many Snowy Winters in Canada

It’s no wonder that Robert likes to spend time with his kids in Canada. Born in Croatia, the future “Shark Tank” millionaire was just eight years old when his family escaped the then-communist country to move to Canada. Herjavec lived in Canada for decades. In 2010, he owned a mansion in the Bridle Path neighborhood of Toronto, Ontario, according to the Toronto Star.

While they primarily live in the United States, the Herjavecs still honor Canada Day. According to National Today, the Canadian holiday is celebrated on July 1 and commemorates the anniversary of 1867’s Constitution Act that consolidated three territories to create the single nation of Canada.

In 2020, Robert posted a photo of his wife and their twins to Facebook to explain how much Canada means to him.

“I’m sure you know by now that my family and I immigrated to Canada when I was a young boy,” he wrote. “At first – life wasn’t easy and I carried a lot of resentment for not fitting in – but in time I grew to love it. Canada taught me the power of an opportunity. The power of an education. Canada gave me my first job, my first business, and now Canada continues to help Herjavec Group thrive. Happy Canada Day!”

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