Lindsay Arnold Blasts DWTS Judges for ‘Agenda’

Lindsay Arnold on 'Dancing With the Stars' season 30

ABC Lindsay Arnold on 'Dancing With the Stars' season 30

“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Lindsay Arnold is under fire from some fans about a vlog she made in which she brings up her issues with the show and Matt James’ elimination. Some fans are saying she’s being a poor sport and that James absolutely deserved to go home when he did.

Here’s what she said:

Lindsay Blasts the Judges for ‘Underscoring’ Matt Because of an ‘Agenda’

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Lindsay clearly has some feelings about her and Matt’s elimination from the show, as she said at the top of the vlog, “We’re gonna film a podcast and spill all the juice on the past couple weeks on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ … I’m gonna chat all the things about what I think about the elimination that happened … because I have thoughts. Get ready for it.”

Lindsay went on to say that she was so confused when they were eliminated because the judges said “nice things” but then really “underscored” them.

“They said nice things, like they weren’t mean, but then we got sixes, which was like — it was insane … they were so blatantly underscoring Matt. I’ve been around on this show for a long enough time to know when they’re just purposefully underscoring somebody for some sort of agenda that I’m not aware of,” said Lindsay.

She added, “We did not deserve sixes and the thing that sucked was then watching the rest of the night and seeing how other people scored and their quality of dancing and comparing, it was just mind-blowing to me. I was super bummed and Matt was bummed.”

Lindsay also took umbrage with the fact that with other dancers who had no experience, the judges were quick to point that out, but with Matt, they never mentioned his lack of training.

“What bothered me the most is that not once throughout the entire season did they ever, ever acknowledge that Matt has no dance experience. He’s going up against literally multiple people who are dancers, performers, actors and he has none of that, he has no background and yet he still went out there every week and actually performed the dances,” said Lindsay.

“I’m not delusional, I’m not trying to act like he was like this perfect dancer, but it really bugged me that instead of just — whatever, if you’re gonna give us low scores because that’s something that you’ve gotta do, cool — but at least give him the credit he deserves because he put in the time, he cared so much, he had zero dance experience. And they would say that to other people, they’d be like, ‘For no dance experience, you’re doing really well.’ … I just felt so bad. I just wish he had gotten more … credit for what he was doing,” concluded the dancer.

Some Fans Think She Is ‘Delusional’ & Being a ‘Poor Sport’

One fan posted clips of Lindsay’s vlog on Twitter and wrote, “God, she’s embarrassing. I know she’s mostly mad because her wet dream of dancing with someone from [Bachelor Nation] wasn’t all she wanted.”

On Reddit, fans think her complaints are completely unwarranted. One wrote, “Lindsay’s being delusional. Matt was properly scored. Not under, not over. Her ego is very bruised and it’s obvious. She felt [with] having a sleazy [Bachelor Nation] partner she was entitled to praise, votes, and the finals. Idk what’s going on here but she needs to take the L and move on. An extremely big sore loser rn.”

Another added, “Matt deserved to be eliminated. It’s a competitive season; I felt he was properly scored. Another problem, besides his dancing, maybe the viewers didn’t want to see another person from Bachelor Nation go far. Hannah and Kaitlyn just won. I like Matt, he tried hard but it was the right call to eliminate him. Lindsay shouldn’t be calling out the judges. It makes her look like a poor sport.”

Several fans think it’s fine if she defends her partner, but they don’t like that she can’t seem to take criticism very well.

“Listen, she’s allowed to defend her partner, and support him. My issue is Lindsay’s inability to not take the comments personally,” wrote one fan.

“I have to say it wasn’t a good look at all. She seems to not be able to just accept critiques gracefully… Either there’s a conspiracy afoot, or an agenda at play (which isn’t even legal to do on these types of shows where people vote), or some other explanation besides her partner just not being that great,” said another fan.

Finally, a lot of fans on Reddit think that Matt was eliminated at the right time — and maybe Christine Chiu should have made it further than either him or Brian Austin Green.

“Matt wasn’t good. Him and Brian were actually eliminated at the right time. I get it sucks, but I dare Lindsay to name someone who actually danced wors[e] than Matt consistently the first 5 weeks other than Brian,” wrote one viewer.

“Dancing With the Stars” season 30 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on ABC.

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