Sharna Burgess Responds to Comment That She Photoshops Her Maternity Pics

Sharna Burgess

ABC Sharna Burgess.

Sharna Burgess is 30 weeks pregnant with her baby boy, and fans can’t get enough of her maternity photos.

The 36-year-old “Dancing with the Stars pro dancer, who is expecting her first child in July with her longtime love Brian Austin Green, has been keeping fans in the loop with “bumpdates.”

Paparazzi pics shared by outlets such as The Daily Mail have also surfaced. In a recent photo, the DWTS pro dancer had her belly exposed in a crop top and sweatpants as she stepped out in Malibu with Green.

Sharna Burgess Responded to a Critic of Her Pregnancy Selfies

In a recent slideshow shared to Instagram, Burgess gave fans a bird’s eye view of her baby bump. The expectant mom posed for a series of pics as she lounged in front of a sunny window, her belly exposed. Burgess’ dogs were also featured in the pregnancy pics as they nested alongside her.

“Welcome to 30 weeks pregnant… in a series of photos,” she captioned the post. “Bumpdate.- I am so tired that I shan’t be moving from here all day. That is all.”

Most of the comments on Burgess’ post were complimentary. Many fans encouraged the Australian pro dancer to gear up for her final 10 weeks of pregnancy. Others couldn’t believe how fabulous she looks in her third trimester.

“You look so beautiful just glowing Sharna!” one fan commented.

“You are looking amazing,” another wrote.

“I hope my bump is this perfect at 30 weeks,“ another fan chimed in.

But others thought the mom-to-be looked a little bit too amazing.

“Saw some paparazzi photos, she doesn’t look bad but definitely photoshops herself in pregnancy photos…“ one commenter wrote.

“wow (not a good wow) at that comment,” another fan wrote.

Burgess also fired back to respond to the surprising speculation.

“lol, what in the world,” the dancer wrote. “This is a ludicrous comment. Being able to angle a camera myself as opposed to being randomly snapped by paparazzi are 2 very different things. But you believe whatever makes you feel better.”

The original commenter did circle back to write, “Forgot that angles make a difference, happy you don’t photoshop! You’re stunning just the way you are, even more so when carrying a baby! Paparazzi always post the worst of pictures!”

This Is Not the First Time Burgess Has Responded to a Negative Comment About Her Pregnancy

Sharna Burgess

GettySharna Burgess

Burgess’ clarification that her pics weren’t altered comes about a month after she was called out by a commenter for her remarks about stretch marks during pregnancy.

According to Us Weekly, the mirrorball trophy winner posted an Instagram video touting a few of her favorite oils and creams to help prevent stretch marks, then noted that stretch marks are  “mostly hereditary and genetic.”

“I’ll do everything to ensure my body can recover quickly from birth,” she added. “Some people have been sensitive about these topics, and I’ve been told I’m not ‘embracing motherhood,’ which couldn’t be further from the truth. I will embrace whatever comes my way.”

She later shared a screenshot of a DM from a follower who was “enraged” by her commentary on stretch marks. The commenter called out Burgess for “perpetuating” a myth about stretch marks being genetic and called her a “jerk” before giving her a big old #ShameonYou hashtag.

“I’m surprised daily of people’s hypersensitivity and need to be aggressive about it,” Burgess told fans on her IG story. “F***ing wild. … Wow. This is so aggressive that I actually laughed.”

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