Fans Think DWTS Season 31 Contestant Wrote a Love Song About Pro Partner

A man playing a guitar.

Pixabay A DWTS semi-finalist wrote a love song.

Season 31 of “Dancing With the Stars” may have come to an end, but fans are still hoping that the friendships that blossom will bloom into full-fledged romances.

One of those friendships was between ballroom pro Emma Slater and her season partner Trevor Donovan. Throughout the season, fans were convinced that Slater and Donovan were falling for one another and that their friendship was begging to be taken to the next level.

Since news broke that Slater and her husband Sasha Farber split, many have been wondering if the two will end up working things out or if they will go on to find love with someone new. And while there are plenty of fans who want to see Slater and Farber back together, there are also several who thought that Slater’s chemistry with Donovan was not to be ignored.

Although the season has come to a close, there are still plenty of people who think that there’s something more there between Slater and Donovan, and his recent Instagram post didn’t help.

Here’s what you need to know:

Donovan Shared a New Song He Wrote on Instagram

On November 29, 2022, Donovan shared a video of himself playing the guitar and singing a new song that he wrote.

“The song with no official name… yet,” he captioned his post. It didn’t take long for fans to suggest that he name the song after Slater. Some people even thought Donovan should name the song “Tremma,” which was the dance couple’s team name during season 31.

“You could call it Emma,” one person suggested.

Other fans kept their comments vague, though it seemed clear that they felt Donovan’s song was about Slater.

“Who is this about ? Sounds like you are missing her. Absolutely love this , original and very touching,” someone else wrote.

“You’re a rockstar. seriously, what can’t you do ? For the title I’m going with your first lyrics, ‘Hard to say goodbye.’ Because when you share a wonderful experience, it’s always hard to say goodbye, unless..,” a third Instagram user said, adding a smiley face.

Donovan & Slater Had a Connection Right Away

Not long after meeting one another for the first time, Slater recalled having a connection with her season 31 partner.

“So far, in our week-long acquaintance, I do feel like we’ve fallen very much into a real natural way of communicating and just a genuine friendship in the short space of time. And that is honestly the best foundation to approach this show with. And we both love a bit of joy,” she told Us Weekly in September 2022.

On a later episode of the show, just about everyone picked up on Slater and Donovan’s chemistry during their Rumba.

“I gotta know — are those your acting skills or was that real?” DWTS co-host Alfonso Ribeiro asked up in the Sky Box.

“If you’re really doing a good job acting, it all comes from the truth so there’s something real in every performance,” Donovan responded without missing a beat. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this didn’t do much to put on the fiery romance rumors. If anything, Donovan’s comments caused even more speculation.

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