‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Call for Tyra Banks Firing, Vow to Boycott Season 30

Tyra Banks DWTS

ABC Tyra Banks.

Some fans of ABC’sDancing With the Stars” have pledged not to watch season 30 of the show, which is set to premiere in September 2021, after the show’s Twitter account posted an appreciation post for executive producer and host Tyra Banks.

“We might have a *minnie* obsession with @tyrabanks…” the account tweeted, alongside a photo of Banks on the “Dancing With the Stars” runway in a Minnie Mouse-inspired outfit.

Fans immediately took to the replies to call for Banks to be replaced as the host and to vow to boycott the upcoming season, which should not be a surprise, as Banks’s performance has been criticized by many fans, though the professional dancers and judges on the show have offered only praise for the host.

Fans Say Banks Treats ‘Dancing With the Stars’ as a Personal Runway

In the replies to the original tweet, fans say that they aren’t watching because Banks is the host, and some say they believe that celebrities signing up for the show don’t know what they’re getting now that Banks is the host.

“Get rid of her, let her produce from behind the scenes, she is only interested in herself,” one person tweeted. “You lost a long time viewer when she came on board & I have seen a lot of other people feel the same. Not watching anymore!!!!!”

Another wrote, “The Stars are those who think they know what they’ve signed on for (a nice dance show) & haven’t a clue, learn about advanced blister care & aching muscles & performing in spite of it & have a positive experience. NO host should EVER be billed as the ‘Star’!!!!!”

Others agreed, saying that Banks should not be the host of the show, though others said that she is a beautiful person even if they don’t like her as the host of the show.

One Twitter user said, “Is she beautiful, yes obviously! But is she a good host, no she is not. She wasn’t good on AGT either!”

“Oh no. She seems nice but not on DWTS. Bring back Tom,” another person replied.

Some Fans Called For Bringing Back Tom Bergeron & Erin Andrews

While some fans simply call for replacing Banks as the host, others call for the return of long-time hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews.

“I don’t like her as the host,” one person tweeted. “Get rid of her and bring Tom and Erin back! None of the true fans have an obsession with her.”

Unfortunately for some fans, Bergeron has said explicitly that he will not be returning to “Dancing With the Stars” in the future. In an interview with TV Guide in 2020, Bergeron was asked how he responds to fans who want him to return to the show, and he didn’t hold back.

“When people say, ‘I’m not gonna watch until you’re back,’ I say, ‘Well, there’s really no “until” here.’ This train has left the station. I appreciate the statement, and I don’t hold it against anybody if they [watch the show].”

During an October 2020 interview on the “Stuttering John Podcast,” Bergeron said that he doesn’t miss working on “Dancing With the Stars.”

“No,” he said almost immediately when asked if he missed the show. “No, because it started changing early in 2018, there were staff changes and I think philosophical changes about how to do the show. So, I miss the earlier years. I miss up until that point when it had a different vibe, a different feel.”

“Dancing With the Stars” returns on September 20, 2021. Banks will return as the host, and she will be joined in the ballroom by judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Derek Hough, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli.

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pattie bradley
pattie bradley
1 year ago

I needed a good laugh today, so I turned on Dancing with the stars to see what outfit Tyra Banks was wearing. And I had a real good laugh. After that I turned it off as Tyra’s voice makes me ill.

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