Andrew Walker Has Surprise Cameo in Tyler Hynes’ ‘An Unexpected Christmas’

Andrew Walker and Tyler Hynes

Crown Media Andrew Walker and Tyler Hynes

After Tyler Hynes had a surprise cameo in Andrew Walker’s new Hallmark Christmas movie, the two continued the tradition. Walker had a cameo in Hynes’ latest Christmas movie, “An Unexpected Christmas,” which premiered on November 26.

In His Cameo, Walker Ran Into Hynes at a Bar

The cameo scene showed Walker running into Hynes at a bar that was decked out for Christmas, while Hynes’ character was meeting up with co-star Bethany Joy Lenz. You can watch a recording of the cameo moment shared by a fan in the tweet below.

Walker and Hynes also joked about how Walker was caught “crushing Tyler’s head” while he was filming that scene.

Some fans were hoping to see this cameo, since Hynes had just made a cameo appearance in Walker’s movie too.

When Hynes appeared in Walker’s movie, he was an employee at a coffee shop that Walker’s character was visiting.

Their cameos aren’t the only cameos to unexpectedly appear in Hallmark movies this season. Paul Campbell also had a cameo in “The Nine Kittens of Christmas,” which starred Kimberley Sustad and Brandon Routh. In his cameo, he appeared as a firefighter chatting with Sustad’s character, Marilee, and Routh’s character seemed concerned that he might be interested in her. Campbell and Sustad had previously starred in another Hallmark movie together, which made the cameo extra special for fans.

Campbell not only had this cameo appearance, he also starred in “The Santa Stakeout,” wrote “An Unexpected Christmas” starring Hynes, and co-wrote Lacey Chabert’s “Christmas at Castle Hart.”

Fans Loved the Cameo

Fans couldn’t stop talking about the cameo and how much fun it was. One fan joked, “Not all heroes wear capes.”

Another fan wrote, “Omg. Was that…? Andrew Walker??? How unexpected. See what I did there? I’m loving these cameos!!”

Another wrote, “So funny to see Andrew walker do a cameo in Tyler’s movie after he did a cameo for Andrew’s movie! I love that friendship! This is topping the list to be one of my favorite movies!”

Fans also really love Hynes’ and Walker’s friendship.


Hynes told My Devotional Thoughts in an interview that Walker is married to his cousin, Cassandra Troy. So Walker and Hynes aren’t just friends, they’re family too.

One fan said they’re really loving Walker and Hynes’ “cameo swap.”

What also made Walker’s cameo in this movie extra special was how Walker and Lenz had previously starred in another Hallmark movie together called “Bottled with Love.” Just like Campbell’s cameo in Sustad’s movie, this was an indirect reuniting of two former leading co-stars.

When Walker shared this article on his Instagram page, he and Hynes chatted more about the cameo appearance.

Walker joked: “’ve been known to be a social climber… 😜 I think I outdid myself on this one.”

Hynes replied,”U always outdo urself on every one ;).”

Paul Campbell, who had his own cameo in another movie, wrote: “Honestly some of your finest work to date.”

Joy Lenz replied, “GENIUS.”

“An Unexpected Christmas” was filmed in Canada in September, producer Matt Brady told CT Insider. One of the locations was Vancouver.

“My Christmas Family Tree,” which Hynes had a cameo in, was also filmed in the Vancouver region. Filming began in August and wrapped in September. So the two movies were filming near each other when the two actors stopped by to do cameos in each other’s films.

“My Christmas Family Tree” broke a Hallmark viewing record when it premiered and climbed into first place as Hallmark’s most-watched movie of all of 2021, including both Christmas and non-Christmas movies. It brought in more than 3.27 million viewers.

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Robyn Collins
Robyn Collins
1 month ago

Love this story, Dube! And thoroughly enjoyed the cameos… so fun to see the Hallmark actor community enjoying each other…

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