Hallmark Stars Reveal Their Favorite Reactions From Fans

Nancy Travis, Tyler Hynes, Beau Mirchoff

Heavy/Hallmark Hallmark stars Nancy Travis, Tyler Hynes and Beau Mirchoff

Actors who regularly appear on Hallmark frequently praise the passionate community of fans the network attracts. Longtime Hallmark actress Nikki DeLoach, for instance, recently told her Instagram followers, “I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it a million more: the Hallmark audience is the best audience there is.”

That sentiment has been echoed by countless actors on the network, who repeatedly praise the enthusiasm, empathy, and generosity of their biggest fans. In recent days, some stars have shared specific details about their favorite interactions and why their exchanges with their fans mean so much.

For instance, during a recent group discussion on Facebook Live, much of the cast of Hallmark Channel’s newest series, “Ride,” shared some of the heartwarming and hilarious feedback they’ve received from fans during the first season. Meanwhile, Hallmark star Tyler Hynes has received so many cool cards and gifts from fans, he’s recently shared a plan for what he’ll do with some of them.

Cast of ‘Ride’ Reveals Favorte Fan Reactions to Show

During a Facebook Live session on May 26, 2023, the cast of Ride shared some of their favorite reactions from fans since the series premiered in March. With the season finale airing on May 28, they had fun reminiscing about some of the sweetest and funniest moments with viewers.

Jake Foy, who plays the youngest McMurray sibling, Tuff, was most surprised by a message he received from his hometown of Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada.

“I got a letter from the mayor my small hometown in Niagara Falls,” he said. “So that’s kind of, that’s probably been the most interesting of the outreach. But people are coming out of the woodwork to say that they’ve just gotten hooked on the show over the last few weeks and they’re dying to know what’s next for these unraveling secrets that we’ve been following.”

Nancy Travis, who plays the McMurray family matriarch, said, “The best reactions have to be how much they love the show and how addicted they feel to it, and how much they’ve identified with this family in this world. And the exciting thing is that they want to be part of us and they connect with us and come back week after week. It’s awesome.”

Meanwhile, Sara Garcia, who plays the “very polarizing” Valeria Galindo, said she’s been encouraged seeing how fans’ views on her characters have shifted throughout the series.

“It has been nice to see people who were like, really offended by Valeria at the beginning to come around as the series has gone on,” she said. “It’s been a fun journey to watch. And also, I’m grateful because I personally really like Valeria. She’s a cool girl. So it’s nice to see that other people are coming around.”

The cast also shared some of the funniest things they’ve heard from fans. Beau Mirchoff, who plays Cash McMurray, laughed about a Twitter user who’s clearly a bigger fan of Tyler Jacob Moore, who plays Gus Booker, a wealthy outsider who makes an offer on the McMurray ranch and cozies up with Tiera Skovbye’s character, Missy McMurray, widow of the McMurray family’s eldest son and rodeo superstar Austin McMurray.

During the Facebook Live, Mirchoff revealed, “There’s one girl who always writes me on Twitter and is constantly just saying how much better Tyler Jacob Moore is!”

Moore exclaimed, “Still!?” as the cast laughed. Mirchoff first mentioned the fan during another Facebook Live on April 28, when he told Moore that he kept hearing from someone who was clearly a big fan of his.

“This one person thinks that Gus is more attractive than Cash,” he laughed. Moore slow-clapped as he laughed and Skovbye joked that it was probably Moore’s mom.

The cast also laughed about an Instagram photo of Skovbye, Garcia and Travis that created a frenzy online because of an accidental optical illusion.

Garcia explained, “Nancy, Tiera and I posted a photo of that dress on social media before the episode aired and it looks like my arm is molded into Tiera’s. So it looks like we’re just one human. And there was like a whole Reddit thread about it. People were up in arms. It was great!”

Tyler Hynes Reveals Plan for Fans’ Gifts at Christmas Con

Sometimes fans want to show their appreciation to their favorite stars by sending gifts and cards or delivering them during fan conventions, like the upcoming Christmas Con in Kansas City.

On May 25, Hallmark fan favorite Tyler Hynes shared a touching Instagram video of himself meeting fans at past events. He also wrote about how much he appreciates their thoughtfulness and was happy to report that any gifts brought to him at Christmas Con will be donated to kids at the local Children’s Mercy Hospital. 

“There is no greater gift you could give than the gift of YOU,” he wrote. “Taking time out of your lives to share a sincere moment is as lovely as it gets for me. Simply caring, watching the films, being kind to each other, this is more than one could ever ask for.”

Hynes continued, “That being said, I know some of you do enjoy sharing something with me when we meet. And while I’ll always accept anything you wish to share graciously, I wanted to provide a way for you to still have that seemingly desired interaction while creating even more of a positive impact. :)”

Hynes, whose fan base calls themselves Hynies, said he’ll keep any gifts or cards that are specifically and obviously created for him, but reiterated, “truly, please know that just YOU, being there, with your warm presence does things you can’t possibly imagine and is more than enough.”

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