WATCH: Carlos PenaVega Shares Awkward Video of His Wife on Social Media

Crown Media Alexa and Carlos PenaVega

Hallmark star Carlos PenaVega was having a little fun online when he shared an awkward video of his wife, Alexa PenaVega, on Instagram. She joked back that the video was “terrible” and a lot of viewers had fun in the replies.

The Video Showed Alexa PenaVega Playing a VR Game in Her Swimsuit

Carlos took the video while his wife was playing a VR game in her swimsuit. Because she had her headset on, she didn’t have any idea that he was filming her or sharing it on Instagram. You can see the video below.

Carlos wrote: “I love you @vegaalexa (she’s wearing a bathing suit.. chill).”

Alexa was a good sport about the whole thing, replying on Instagram: “🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ honestly, I feel so cool PLAYING the game… but this… this is terrible 😂😂😂”


She got a lot of replies to her comment with people laughing along with her and joking about how she’s getting her game on.

Another person wrote, “You need to get him back 😆♥️👀.”

Another person replied that she was “goals,” writing: “you’re the coolest!! Goals for sure! Definitely living the dream!!”

Another fan replied, “🥺🥺this is so cute, I love you two together!”

Tiffany Thornton replied, “😂😂😂😂 love that lady ❤️”

The PenaVegas welcomed their third child, Rio, on May 10. Their baby had to spend some time in intensive care before coming home.

They Had a Q&A on Instagram Earlier in the Week

Just five days earlier, the couple had a Q&A on Instagram.

One of the questions asked if they plan on teaching their children a different language. They answered yes, they speak Spanish to their children and Carlos also tries to speak a little French around them, too.

When asked for dating advice in 2021, Alexa said: “Find somebody who will court you… Let the guy be a gentleman. Let him open doors for you… I think that’s kind of rare nowadays because women want to be the boss, and that’s awesome, but see how he does when you give him the opportunity to be a gentleman.”

Carlos added: “I say for guys, just take your time. We always want to rush things, but just take your time…and build that relationship.”

Another viewer asked if they want to have more kids, and they both said yes. “Maybe have one or two more,” Carlos said.

When asked their favorite thing about each other, Alexa told Carlos that he’s very motivated.

“It’s very uplifting and it’s…exciting and it’s…motivating for me,” she said. “I would say your motivation for life.”

Carlos said he loves that Alexa is always down and ready for everything.

They also shared that they’ve been renovating the house for about six months.

“It’s been amazing but I’m exhausted,” Carlos said.

When asked if he still hangs out with BTR castmates, Carlos said: “Not in person because we’re all far away, but we all catch up.”

He said one of the castmates was even in town when Alexa gave birth.

“We definitely try to keep in touch as much as possible,” he said.

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