Erin Krakow Gives Unexpected Update on ‘It Was Always You’ Sequel

"It Was Always You"

Hallmark "It Was Always You"

Ever since “It Was Always You” first aired, Hallmark fans have been wanting a sequel. Erin Krakow, who starred in the movie opposite Tyler Hynes, recently shared an unexpected update about the possibility.

Erin Krakow Said She & Tyler Hynes Would Still Love to Make a Sequel

The question about a sequel to “It Was Always You” came up after Krakow shared a stunning photo on Instagram from an evening out.



One fan wrote in the replies, “Just love love your hair. Possibly making It Was Always You part 2. Hopefully 🌺”

Krakow responded: “I’m game! @tyler_hynes is game!”

So even though there hasn’t been word on the movie in quite some time, both Krakow and Hynes are still interested in making a sequel if Hallmark wants to pursue the option.

Of course, her comment got a lot of excited replies from fans.

Grieco8844 responded, “let’s do it. You and Tyler. Your hair is the perfect length now. You both would have so much fun together. I can see it and feel it in your last movie. 🌺”

Maried1035 wrote, “your FANS are game….so GAME ON!😉.”

Laurie_ann3 wrote, “oh my gosh, that would be awesome!! One of my all time favorite movies!!”

This isn’t the first time that Hynes and Krakow have hinted about wanting to make a sequel to the popular movie. In August 2021, Krakow answered questions during a live Instagram Q&A. When asked about a sequel, she wrote: “No plans as of yet — but if that’s something you’d like, I recommend reaching out to @hallmarkchannel.”

When asked if she’d be interested in starring in another movie with Hynes, she said: “As long as there’s key lime pie, peanut butter cake, and zero oysters. @tyler_hynes?” Hynes responded, “yes ma’am as u wish @erinkrakow.”

She and Hynes also had a series of FaceTime interactions that referenced the movie and sparked rumors. At one point, she shared an Instagram post that showed her and Hynes on FaceTime with the caption: “FaceTyme. 🥜🍰🎭.” The emojis stood for peanut butter cake, a reference to the movie.

Then in May 2022, Krakow shared a post on Instagram for Hynes’ birthday, writing: “No mushies, just emojis… 🦪🍿🥜🧈🍰🍦🍻🦪🍿🥜🧈🍰🍦🍻🦪🍿🥜🧈🍰🍦🍻🦪🍿🥜🧈🍰🍦🍻🦪🍿🥜🧈🍰🍦🍻 Let’s do another 🎞.”

The post was a clear reference to making a sequel.

Her Photo Sparked Many Questions

Krakow’s photos sparked many questions beyond “It Was Always You.” She wrote in the caption that she had enjoyed a “very special evening” and would share more later.

Some fans in the replies to her photo wondered if Krakow had on an engagement ring. However, others were quick to respond that she was showing a mirror image and the ring was actually on her right hand.

“Is that an engagement ring on your wedding ring finger? 😍” Elliemb618 asked. HeartieHallmark explained it was a mirror image, writing in one reply: “Have you not ever taken a mirror selfie before? It’s the same as what Erin sees looking in the mirror, right on the right and left on the left.”

Fans were also curious where she bought the dress in the photo. WCTHFashion replied that they thought it was a Chiaro Boni dress. They shared a link to the La Petite Robe style dress, which looks strikingly like what Krakow was wearing.

In the end, it was a different account that revealed where Krakow was on the night she shared the photo. StarwatchByline revealed that Krakow had attended the 30th anniversary Main Event celebration for Dreyfoos School of the Arts.

According to their bio, Dreyfoos was founded in 1989 as a premiere arts high school, and it’s located in Palm Beach County.

According to Janine Worontsoff’s post, Krakow is an alumnus of Dreyfoos.

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