‘Good Witch’ Star Joining ‘When Hope Calls’ Season 2

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A star of “Good Witch” is making the move from Hallmark to GAC Family and will be joining season 2 of “When Hope Calls.” Kyana Teresa, who played Zoey on the final season of “Good Witch,” is now joining “When Hope Calls.”

She Shared a Photo from the Set While Season 2 Is Filming

Teresa shared two photos from the set while she was filming, which you can see in the Instagram post above. One photo was taken with Jacklyn Collier, who hosted Hallmark’s “Bubbly Sesh” podcast before it was recently canceled. Collier went on the set to report on some scoops for “When Hope Calls.”

Teresa wrote: “Casually hanging out in Brookfield / surprise connecting & falling in love with the one and only @jacklyncollier 😍💖🌸 #WhenHopeCalls #WHCS2 #gactv #GACfamily #Onset #makingmovies #behindthescenes”

Collier replied, “Only regret is that we didn’t have our bowties readily available #bowtiebrigade ❤️ hope to see you again soon! xoxo #brookfieldbesties 😊”

Collier also shared photos on her Instagram account.

She wrote, “LOOK WHO I FOUND @kyana.teresa 🔎When you discover one of your favorites in Brookfield and have an impromptu photo shoot, it’s a really good day ❤️ 🕵🏻‍♀️”

On Twitter, one fan wrote about Teresa’s news, “#GACfamily, it’s great to see #WHCS2 coming soon. What a nice surprise to have KyanaTeresa on the show. She is such a wonderful actress and brings a huge following to #WHCS2. Big fan!!!”

Teresa’s many credits include “Good Witch” (Zoey), “Love’s Match,” “Cooking Up Love,” “The Wedding Planners,” “Rising Suns,” “Utopia Falls,” “Double Holiday,” “The Christmas Temp,” “Star Trek: Discovery,” “Matchmaker Mysteries,” and more.

Lori Loughlin & Daniel Lissing Will Also Star in ‘When Hope Calls’

Lori Loughlin and Daniel Lissing are also starring in “When Hope Calls.” The first season aired on Hallmark’s streaming service before re-airing on TV. Now the second season has been picked up by GAC Family, which is a network launched by ex-Hallmark Channel CEO Bill Abbott. Brian Bird is still set as an executive producer for the new season, despite its move to a new network.

Loughlin’s character of Abigail, along with Abigail’s son Cody, will be starring in the two-part premiere of “When Hope Calls” season 2. Loughlin received permission to travel to Canada to film, The Mercury News reported.

Lissing will also be starring in the same two-part premiere, but his role has not yet been revealed.

Lissing said in a statement with ET Online about his role: “I’m excited to be invited to participate in the season 2 premiere of When Hope Calls. I’m also very much looking forward to meeting the When Hope Calls team and to be working with my friend Lori again.”

The premiere is called “When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas” and it will debut on Saturday, December 18, on GAC Family. Part 1 airs on Saturday, December 18, at 8 p.m. Eastern/Pacific. Part 2 airs immediately after Part 1 on Saturday, December 18, at 9 p.m. Eastern/Pacific.

Morgan Kohan will reprise her role as Lillian Walsh.

When fans asked Jocelyn Hudon on her Instagram account if she would be returning to “When Hope Calls” as Grace for the second season, Hudon revealed that she would not. She said she was busy filming an action movie.

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