Jesse Metcalfe Might Return to ‘Chesapeake Shores’ on One Condition

Jesse Metcalfe

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Jesse Metcalfe left “Chesapeake Shores” at the beginning of the last season, and Trace’s girlfriend Abby (Meghan Ory) is already moving on with a new potential love interest. Although leaving the show was Metcalfe’s decision, he recently revealed the one condition that might bring him back to the Hallmark series.

Metcalfe Said He Would Only Return if Trace & Abby Ended Up Together

In an interview with The List, Metcalfe revealed that he would only return to “Chesapeake Shores” if he knew that Trace and Abby would ultimately end up together.

He told The List: “I think that’s the scenario that makes the most sense.”

Metcalfe said that he thought Abby’s new love interest was written into the story because the new showrunner wasn’t sure how to proceed with Abby and Trace’s relationship. Season 5 of the series had a bit of a love triangle involving Abby, Jay Ross (Greyston Holt), and Evan McKenzie (Robert Buckley.) By the end of the season, Abby seemed to be considering starting a relationship with Evan, and he was definitely interested in her.

“I think maybe the new showrunner and maybe the producers behind that show were starting to find it challenging, figuring out really where they wanted to take these characters,” he told The List, referring to Abby and Trace. “Even though there was a strong outline from the books [and] a strong desire by the audience to see them ultimately end up together.”

Metcalfe wished the entire cast well and hoped Ory is enjoying the show’s new direction.

“Now, she has a new love interest on the show, and she’s gotten the opportunity to take her storyline and her character in a completely different direction,” he said. “And I certainly hope that she’s enjoyed that.”

When Metcalfe first announced that he was leaving the show, he explained that it was because he didn’t like the plans for Trace’s storyline, Heavy previously reported. One fan asked on Instagram: “Why are you leaving!?!???”

Metcalfe replied: “Wanted to leave on 🔝” And then he added a more telling explanation, writing: “…and I didn’t like the direction my storyline was going…”

One fan requested more information, asking: “reading this comments makes me wonder were the characters ever going to end up together… 🤔 Or were you not interested in the storyline heading that way?”

Metcalfe replied: “I definitely wanted our characters to end up together! #trabby”

Before season 5 started, Ory made a post on social media that she quickly deleted, inferring that Abby and Trace had a toxic relationship.

Ory had shared a new photo from TV Guide’s cover, which showcased Abby, Abby’s new love interest Evan, and Abby’s father Mick O’Brien (portrayed by Treat Williams.)

She wrote in the post: “Thank you for the wonderful cover @tvguidemagazine -what a great way to introduce @robertearlbuckley to the #chesapeake family! Excited for everyone to see the new season it’s my favorite by far. Abby is getting rid of all that’s toxic in her life, from work to unhealthy relationships and she is stronger for it…” 

‘Chesapeake Shores’ Is Not Yet Renewed for a New Season

The series still hasn’t been renewed yet for a sixth season.

In November, Spoiler TV published an article hinting that it had been secretly renewed, citing an unnamed production report. Heavy found that a November 3, 2021, issue of Production Weekly did mention “Chesapeake Shores 06.”

However, no further details were released about this, and actors involved with the show said there was no confirmation about a renewal.

Ory wrote: “Sorry @spoilertvphotos. But if this is true @hallmarkchannel has not shared with me!! 😂 I like your positivity though! #chesapeakeshores #chessie.”

Treat Williams, who stars as Mick O’Brien, tweeted the Spoiler TV story and simply wrote, “This is interesting.”

As of the time of this article’s publication, Crown Media has not announced any renewal or cancelation news.

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