Why Paul Campbell Cried While Filming ‘Three Wise Men & a Baby’

Three Wise Men & a Baby

Hallmark Three Wise Men & a Baby

Paul Campbell recently shared some behind-the-scenes moments from the hit Hallmark Christmas movie, “Three Wise Men & a Baby.” He talked about one particular moment during filming that brought him to tears.

‘I Actually Cried the Entire Time,’ Campbell Shared

In an interview with Wide Open Country, Campbell shared that he cried during an entire scene of “Three Wise Men & a Baby.” His tears didn’t make the cut.

“In the car scene, what you don’t see is that I actually cried the entire time,” he told Wide Open Country. “I don’t remember not having tears streaming down my face. And it probably ended up being too much for the movie. But what happened was, I just sat there and listened. And when you’re present in a scene like that, and when you have some performers like Tyler and Andrew who also have rooted this very deeply in, you know, whatever their process is, you can feel it. Those boys are bringing something from their own lives to that scene.”

Campbell co-wrote the screenplay with Kimberley Sustad.

After its premiere, “Three Wise Men & a Baby” had rocketed into first place as Hallmark’s most-watched movie of all of 2022, including both Christmas and non-Christmas movies. But it also broke records reaching back to 2019. In terms of live and same-day viewers, the movie brought in 3.626 million views and ranked .31 in 18-49 demographic.

After all the Christmas movies aired, “Three Wise Men & a Movie” came out as the most-watched Hallmark movie of all of 2022.

Filming With a Baby ‘Changes How You Approach Each Scene’

Three Wise Men & a Baby

Hallmark“Three Wise Men & a Baby.”

Campbell also explained to Wide Open Country just how much having a baby to film with affected the production.

“…Having a baby strapped to your chest or carrying a baby just brings such a groundedness,” he said. “It seems like you have this real life that you’re caring for. It’s not a doll. It’s not something you can fling around. You have this precious cargo that has to be the center of attention in that scene. And it really changes how you approach each scene, and how you approach all the relationships and the tone of your voice.”

The role of Thomas the baby was portrayed by twin girls.

“We kind of won the baby lottery because they were so well-behaved,” Campbell recalled.

In an Instagram post, Steph Jensen from Chilliwack, British Columbia, also talked about the twin babies, Katie and Kallie.

At the time of filming, the twins were eight months old.
There were 25 minutes of deleted scenes that didn’t make the movie’s final cut. Some of them were shown during Roma Drama Live in December.

The script also had a backstory about Hynes’ character that explained why Taylor didn’t drive a car, but that part didn’t make the cut. Campbell said that Taylor was supposed to be environmentally conscious.

“He’s a very particular guy and he’s a complicated guy,” Campbell said at Roma Drama Live. “And you know, you write these deep backstories but there’s not time to work it in.”

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