Ben & Erin Napier Get Flirty in Latest ‘Home Town’ Episode

Ben and Erin Napier

discovery plus / YouTube Ben and Erin Napier share a laugh

Laurel, Mississippi is heating up.

Fans of HGTV’s “Home Town” have always been vocal about their love for both the designs and renovations completed on the show and the hosts who bring that work to life: Ben and Erin Napier. The couple met as college sweethearts and have been inseparable since, having tied the knot in November 2008.

Viewers can feel their chemistry through the screen, and one fan tweeted as much ahead of the Sunday, February 5 episode of “Home Town, writing, “I don’t know if there is a relationship truer then [Erin and Ben’s]. The laughs, the looks and the love that is shared between the two of them is unmatchable. And we can’t forget the Dad Jokes. 🖤 🖤”.

Erin quoted the kind tweet to tease the forthcoming episode, writing, “spoiler alert: we flirting tonight on #HGTVHomeTown at 8/7 ct!”

Ben Napier Whistled at Erin on ‘Home Town’

True to Erin’s word, the February 5 episode of “Home Town” did feature some flirting between her and her husband Ben.

In a clip shared to the HGTV Instagram, Ben whistles at Erin as she enters his woodshop with padding and fabric for upholstering bar stools. Erin saunters in and asks if Ben mentions he did not expect her to want to help with the upholstery project, to which Erin replied, “Well you’re not an upholsterer.” Ben feigned offense at his wife’s comment, asking “Which one of us worked in an upholstery shop?”

The husband and wife continued their flirtation as they worked on the stool design, with Ben correctly assuming Erin wanted a square stool, and Erin challenging her husband, asking “How do you know I didn’t want it to be round? What if I came in here and said I wanted a circular bar stool?” Ben called her bluff, ready to oblige and cut the squares into circles.

In the end, Erin and Ben agreed that Erin is “the boss”.

Fans loved the Napiers’ dynamic in this scene, with comments on the post including, “Such a sweet couple”, and, “Being bossy is a wonderful thing! Way to go Erin and way to go Ben for recognizing a great boss! ❤️.”

Erin also gave fans insight into the conditions during their filming of this most recent episode on Twitter when she wrote, “It was SO SO HOT THAT DAY #HGTVHomeTown”, a message that one fan took to be a flirty double entendre.

Ben & Erin Napier Install Central AC in Each of Their Renovations

The Mississippi heat may leave Ben and Erin Napier sweating from time to time, however, they work to ensure that none of their clients have to sweat through their clothes in one of the Napiers’ finished homes.

One fan replied to Erin Napier’s live tweeting during the episode to ask “If [the client had] gone with the second house, would you have put in central AC? I can’t imagine summer in MS w/o it :)” and Erin responded, “oh yes, we always do. every house ever.”

“Home Town” airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern time on HGTV.

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